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J Mos tha Unspeakable

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Topic: J Mos tha Unspeakable
Posted By: J Mos
Subject: J Mos tha Unspeakable
Date Posted: March 22 2005 at 1:55am
wutz good hairtalk?

i know i might take sum heat from my peepz over at 360waves for even postin here again but i just wanna say that im glad 2 see that ur openin this forum again cuz afterall, my waves r on point only becuz i found this site in tha first place...

i cant say that i'll be postin on this board much but i will say that i wish y'all luck becuz any wave knowledge bein kicked around iz positive knowledge whether it be on here or on 360waves yadadamean?

good luck n good ish

Tha League iz STILL wavin at niggaz wit updated pics...


"rappers not from Cali like to copy 'Pac hella/
so in every song I give my 'state props' like Roc-a-Fella"

1 plus 2

Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: March 22 2005 at 4:56am

Hey Mos,

Thanks for your post.   You are totally right on.  Our goal is simply to have a place here with all the other HairTalk to promote good wave knowledge & updates. 

After all, isn't the most important thing to offer new people a place to get help & information?

Everyone at has total respect for waves as an important style that deserves a place on these boards to let others know.

good luck n good ish to you as well and thanks for stopping by.


That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or drives you totally insane. :-)

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: March 22 2005 at 8:14am

First of all, thank you to everyone at for the hard work that has obviously gone in to upgrade the HairTalk boards.  They look amazing.

Second, thank you to HairBoutique for your constant willingness through so many years to use your own time & financial resources to generously give a voice to all ages, races, nationalities & life preferences to speak and share about their cultures as reflected in their hair traditions, styles and methods of dealing with their hair. 

Your willingness to offer a forum to discuss and promote the wave hair culture to the world on the Net is admirable.

It is unfortunate that a small group of people who do not realize the opportunity to share their cultures with new people let their own private & personal agendas & disrespectful attitudes get in the way of what these HairTalk boards have always been about since the beginning, talking about hair and sharing with others regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, etc.,

Keep up the good work.

Posted By: RedMan
Date Posted: March 22 2005 at 4:39pm
Hey wasup my thugs its been a like months sense i been on this forum and it looks like a lot of #$%% has changed. It looks straight. I just wanted to say thank you for the wave tips and good luck on the new forum.

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