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How do I spike my type of hair?

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Topic: How do I spike my type of hair?
Posted By: Jager_Boy
Subject: How do I spike my type of hair?
Date Posted: March 29 2005 at 7:52am

Well, since no one saw this post in another thread, Ill make a new thread.

I want to give my hair more spikyness/seperation. Just so you know what Im working with, Im half Black, half White. I have wavy/curly hair if it gets really long, but since I keep it short, its just semi wavy when its dry, and if I comb it all forward, it looks pretty straight I guess. When I put gel in it though, it will be somewhat spiky for a few minutes, but when it dries, it wants to curl.

What I have been doing, I cut my own hair, I cut it pretty short on top, and fade up the sides, with my hair still a little bit damp, I put in Got2B glued hair glue in, then..this may sound weird but I read it on a website....I put in Elmers clear glue gel,I then just mess it all around and it gets kind of spikey/messy. But like I said, by the time I get to the bar/club and look in the mirror, the spike isnt as noticable.

So what I was looking at doing, is growing it out a bit longer, then using a relaxer, so that it stays straight and doesnt curl. I was looking at this one: - y76Z6665EBB

What do you think of my idea? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Posted By: claribuzz
Date Posted: March 30 2005 at 9:42pm

i have curly hair. i also wanted spikes, so i went out and got my hair relaxed. my hair was able to be spiked, i was amazed but it took a lot of work and lots of gel. people loved it. what i do was to spike the hair when it is very damp, coz damp relaxed hair is very str8. i used the storgest gel i could find, i used loreal radical gel, and while  tilting my head upside down i spiked my hair, then i blow dry my hair still upside down until the gel dries up, after a sore back my spikes was spiking and looking good. it took a lot of time, but it was worth it. my advice is the longer your hair, the better coz if your relaxed short hair, the new growth curly hair with curl your relaxed hair again. you problably need like at least 4 inches of hair, to get really good results. 


Posted By: Jager_Boy
Date Posted: March 31 2005 at 8:22am
Thanks for the reply. My hair is weird, right now its probably only and inch long, but it looks really long already, and a few people have noticed. If I had 4" long hair Id look rediculous, I dont want that long of spikes. Ill grow it one more week and do the relaxing. Do you think I will be able to do it myself, or should I go somewhere? Did it seem like it was hard? Thanks.

Posted By: claribuzz
Date Posted: March 31 2005 at 7:46pm
well you are working with harsh chemicals that can burn the skin. i burned my scalp a couple of times during the first tries but i am ok with it now. it depends on you, do you want to save money and do it your self or do you want to save yourself the trouble and get it done at a salon.


Posted By: eagle
Date Posted: March 31 2005 at 10:24pm
I really really really want to relax my hair because it is puffy coarse and wavy and i cant get the hair style  would liek with my type of hair. i would need straight hair. So i really want to use a relaxer but im so worried that i would burn my scalp or something like that.

Posted By: Jager_Boy
Date Posted: April 01 2005 at 7:07am

Well, I posted a link to the stuff Id buy, but it didnt work, this stuff is supposed to be very mild on the scalp and its all natrual. - ID=279

Posted By: The_Airknight
Date Posted: April 03 2005 at 12:23pm
..yeah, I have afro-type hair, and I was wanting to spike it..I'm just going to use PhytoSpecific, leave it straight for about two months, and then get it cut off..

Posted By: Jager_Boy
Date Posted: April 04 2005 at 7:40am
Went out and bought Got2Be Chaotic hair puddy. This stuff is way stronger than the hair glue. Its really thick. I washed my hair the same way I normally do, and after about an hour, I looked in the mirror my hair was still somewhat styled like it was before hand. So, anyone with hard to style hair should try this stuff.

Posted By: Duracell
Date Posted: May 04 2005 at 9:36pm
How long do those relaxers last? And are they safe on hair? I'd love to have my hair straightened...

Posted By: Jager_Boy
Date Posted: May 05 2005 at 9:28am
My buddy thats a stylist said that it might work if I have him just bleach all of my hair then dye it back to normal, which will make it straighten out more. He said that relaxing it might work but it makes it sort of limp, while bleaching it will make it stiffer and more prone to spike when gel is applied. Kind of scared to bleach my whole head

Posted By: claribuzz
Date Posted: May 06 2005 at 2:18am

relaxers are safe if  you get it done right

right now rebonding is the thing if you want straight hair.

it make hair soft but not limp.


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