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Curling irons...rollers

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Topic: Curling irons...rollers
Posted By: StepmomJen
Subject: Curling irons...rollers
Date Posted: April 06 2005 at 3:58pm
Anyone that knows about Asion hair...please help. I am a step mother of a almost 6 yr old Asian daughter. She has shoulder length hair and loves for me to put it up and curl it for her. I recently got a rude phone call from her mother who is also white (she is adopted) telling me that I was ruining her hair by putting it in curlers....of which I have only done twice before. So, my big question is.......With everything that Asian people do with their hair these days, is curling the hair so bad?? I want to find out if the mom is just saying that so I cannot bond in any type of way with her daughter or if in fact it is true. Help HELP HELP!!    

Posted By: AnaisSatin
Date Posted: April 06 2005 at 6:36pm

Hi Jen

Curling is damaging if you're using heat. This includes heat rollers, curling iron, the like. As long as you're using sponge rollers, rag curling, sock curling (instructions in the Hair Journals subforum) or other heat-free methods, dear daughter's hair should be fine. (Edited to add: and as long as you're not using chemicals, such as in a perm)

There are plenty of ways to damage hair WITHOUT using curlers, hehe (brushing wet hair, brushing hair from top to bottom instead of starting at the ends, using molded combs, etc... ).

If that doesn't solve it, you might also want to sit down and have a calm conversation with the mother. Hope this helps  Best wishes.


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