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Reality Check

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Forum Name: Diet Days
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Printed Date: May 30 2023 at 5:14pm

Topic: Reality Check
Posted By: eyEHax
Subject: Reality Check
Date Posted: May 26 2005 at 10:29pm

Look, i feel very sorry for how ignorant people are about dieting and losing weight.

False assumptions caused by ignorance:

#1) Eating fewer meals helps you lose weight.  Wrong, one must eat around 6 meals a day to keep up metabolism

#2) Starving yourself will help you lose weight.  Hah, you can only starve yourself for so long.. and guess what... after a couple weeks of that, your metabolism will be nearly extinct.  So then when you start eating even a little bit, you gain all weight back and some.

#3) you dont have to work out as long as you eat right.  No not necessarily, we need about two hours of physical activity a day at least 3 times a week to keep up metabolism and more importantly stay healthy.

So take advice from someone who learned the hard way.  I was down to one small meal a day not even knowing what i was doing to myself.  Im just trying to prevent others from making the same mistake.  Now i eat one small meal every 2 hours (around 6-8 meals /day).  Of course i had to start with very small meals, but over time you can gradually increase.  Now i am taking in about the same amount of calories and i never feel hungry.  Sounds like a win win situation to me.  Go ahead try it guys.  The more you want to lose weight, just eat less, but remember make sure to eat at least 5 meals a day, just spread it out.  A workout here and there is very important, try to make time.  P.S. try to stay away from artificial beverages, this can significantly reduce caloric intake, and water is always a healthier choice.

Try this diet out for a couple of weeks, good luck

you can email me if you have any questions

Posted By: eKatherine
Date Posted: May 27 2005 at 5:33am
Different things work for different people.

Back when I was seriously exercising, I lost a lot of weight on a low-fat diet that included 6 meals a day. It still took an extraordinary amount of willpower to stick to the diet, and eventually I was no longer able to do it.

Now that I can't exercise anymore, I find I maintain my weight better on two meals a day, skipping breakfast but eating a substantial lunch. When I eat breakfast, I'm hungry all day.


Just looking for a few good hair slaves - is that too much to ask?

Posted By: eyEHax
Date Posted: May 27 2005 at 1:32pm
yes, but you would be better of splitting those two meals (same everything) in half and spreading it out during the day, there is no way you can gain more weight like that, you will only raise your metabolic rate while eating the same things, in turn lose weight.  I dont know but i found it easier to eat 6 meals a day then 2 myself.  And even if you get hungry, your body will quickly adjust to it, well specificly, your stomach will shrink and it will take less to be satisfied.  But hey, everyone has different preferences

Posted By: zola
Date Posted: May 28 2005 at 8:25am


As long as you eat more fruits then anything else you will notice a better skin and radiant hair! It' working for ME


Posted By: eyEHax
Date Posted: June 06 2005 at 11:08pm

Um yeah life is pretty hectic.. but when i say meal, it doesnt have to b a whole square meal with the desert and soda and all that... some of those meals can be a simple granola bar in your purse or your pocket.. as long as your body has something to burn.. no what i mean?

btw... sorry to bust ur bubble but eating fruits has nothing to do with your skin and hair... it may be something else thats helpin u out, who knows.. but eating too many fruits gives you alot of carbohydrates in your system (maybe too many to burn).  Everything is good in moderation.. try to get all food groups in your diet


Posted By: eKatherine
Date Posted: June 07 2005 at 9:58pm
The carb-it thing doesn't work for me either. Carbs now = hungrier sooner. Wheat in particular is out, so there's generally no food available for me except what I bring. Even so, most snacks (like granola bars) are out.

Again, one size just does not fit all.


Just looking for a few good hair slaves - is that too much to ask?

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