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sewn in hair extensions

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Topic: sewn in hair extensions
Posted By: Daisyjen
Subject: sewn in hair extensions
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 6:10pm

I jusy got my extensions sewn in because I was told that there were just to many things that could go wrong with the other methods.  I would love it if someone could tell me if this is true and (now that I have them) How to take care of the ones I have.  Here I am on the way home from the salon.  My real hair is right at the nape of my neck.

Posted By: sherrie215
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 6:24pm
Congrats and welcome to the board! Who ever told you that really gave you a closed minded opinion. There are lots of different methods that, when done correctly work out really well! And Im sure there are people that have had bad experienses with the method that was used on you too! Take a look around here there is a boat load of information (it would take you weeks to read it all!) There are lots of professionals and experienced DIYers here that are more than willing to answer questions!

Posted By: carameldiva
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 7:14pm
I have always had good experiences when using sewn-in weave extensions such as yourself. When i was relaxed, i enjoyed doing my own glue-in extensions and did them on a lot of other girls as well but now that i am natural- no chemicals, i prefer the sew-in method and i usually keep mine in 2 to 3 months. They are very easy to care for and i haven't yet been able to find anyone in my local area that can do fusion so not sure i want to try it. My sew-in are always easy to wash and care for but next time i get one i will be sure to get a better quality of hair like the one you have- the one i used last time i bought at a bss(beauty supply store) and the pack said tangle-free but that proved to not be true.

Me and you, your cousin and your momma too rollin on da strip on bow's

Posted By: Daisyjen
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 7:32pm
But how do I wash it?  How did you keep them in for months at a time?  Did you take them out and re-braid your hair to tighten them up.   Is there another method that compares in price to the sew in method?  I am in Louisiana, I would be willing to drive to a salon to get a good price on good extensions.  I don't know how long I am gonna be able to stand these.  Are they damaging my hair as we speak?

Posted By: mochachip
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 7:57pm
so you have wefts sewn to braids?  are the braids alll your hair or some combo your hahir and othe rmaterial?

is the extensions hair human or synth?  makes a huge difference on care...

Posted By: zapevaj
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 9:02pm
First of all, your stylist should have told you how to take care of your hair. I'd recommend calling the salon and asking your stylist for care instructions, 'cause it is their responsibility.

Braided-in wefts shouldn't damage your hair, if done right. You can wash your hair normally (I'm assuming you have human hair sewn in), but try to wash it as little as possible (about 203 times a week) to avoid overdrying it and use a leave-in conditioner (in addition to shampoo and rinse-out conditioner) to protect the extension hair. A detangling product may also help.


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Posted By: Daisyjen
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 9:29pm

Originally posted by zapevaj zapevaj wrote:

but try to wash it as little as possible (about 203 times a week)

I'll try not to wash it any more than  The braids are all my hair, but my hair is pretty fine so they used a lot of thread to tighten the braids up.   I have human hair and it is very thick.  The tracks are practicly on top of one another, I wonder if there are to many of them.  I think there are about 6 maybe 7.  That seems like a lot. 

Posted By: mochachip
Date Posted: May 29 2005 at 9:35pm
one layer of weft per track then that isn't a ridiculous amount.

But it's not abnormal to think "whoa this is soooo much hair"

with wefts the one thing I have found is that you have to be extra careful to hold the hair with one hand and brush/comb with the other so that you don't helpt he weft to shed.

aside from that all the noraml.  widetooth comb often wash as little as possible etc etc

I don't wear human so??? I don't have too much more to offer

Posted By: carameldiva
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 9:38am
When i had mine- i had my hair braided then the wefts were sewn in and i washed my hair once a week and condition washed once a week as well. Be gentle with the hair and make sure that your detangle well but basically it is the same as shampooing your own hair concentrate on the scalp in between the braids and detangle, also be sure to condition and use leave in conditioner (preferably the spray kind). I hope this helps. Also it helps to moisturize your scalp as needed and tie your hair up with a satin scarf at nite or sleep on satin pillowcases.

Me and you, your cousin and your momma too rollin on da strip on bow's

Posted By: Scotchyroo
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 10:58am
I totally want to second the recommendation for a satin pillowcase.  I think you can get one for about $5 from or the like.  Do a web search.  Especially with wefts I think they can tangle easily unless you braid them or tie them up and sleep on a smooth pillowcase!!!

Posted By: Daisyjen
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 11:40am
Actually, I already sleep on a satin pillowcase, (got it at Walmart for like 3 bucks) Ya'll are so awesome. Thank you so much for all the advise.  I am a singer so if you ever need any help finding a note I'm your girl...LOL.  No one ever answered the question about whether they were close by or not.  Like I said I am in Louisiana, anybody close to me?

Posted By: Scotchyroo
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 11:45am
Hey Daisy,  I'm in Michigan,  but if you want to check out something really cool.  Check out the Hairpolice websit - and do a zip code search to see if they have a stylist near you.  That's the method JennyRR has.  It's really good.... I'm not just saying it cause I'm an affiliate.

Posted By: Daisyjen
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 11:56am
The closest salon is about 150 miles form me and she is on maternity leave...LOL.  I may have to make a trip to New Orleans just to have my hair done....Bummer, that is such a boring city what ever will I find to do down there?

Posted By: CyberMane
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 1:02pm
Hi Daisyjen;

I used to do cornrows 16 years ago, since then, I have invented
my own 'track' methods without the use of braids and still
continue to invent more alternatives in my practice.   

Although there are many ways to do a 'track' , 'anchor', 'cornrow'
to sew onto a weft, maintenace is very similar. Weaves are a
great inexpensive option. Plus the hair is reusable too!

Brush your hair from the bottom up using a soft bristle brush.
Wet hair, pour shampoo in hand, rub and massage into hair.
Never pile hair. Massage top going down, massage well in the
internal and squeeze out dirt.
Use conditioner the same way.
Blow dry your scalp thoroughly to keep 'track' from smelling.
If scalp is itchy, use a skin toner. Some people don't know this,
but the scalp is an extension of the face. So treat it the same
way. Sleep with your hair in a low ponytail on a satin
If you go swimming or workout, carry a blowdryer with you to
keep the roots dry. Also tie hair in a ponytail before swimming.
Brush 3x daily {carry your hair brush everywhere you go, like
you would your cellphone} to keep shedding hairs face down.
Don't be afraid to brush the roots.

All my best;
PS. I agree with Rae. The best hair extensionists would be
completely thorough with their clients as far as maintenace is
concerned. That's the most important thing! Next time
choose someone who cares but call up the salon because it's
their responsibilty.

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Posted By: zapevaj
Date Posted: May 30 2005 at 5:35pm
Hah, check out my awful typing. Yeah, I meant 2-3 times per week. :)

------------- - Hair Alchemy

Posted By: Daisyjen
Date Posted: June 01 2005 at 12:36am
Well, I just washed it for the first time and one of the braids has come out and a couple of the tracks are hanging...I pinned them up with bobby pins.  I will call the salon first thing in the morning to have it fixed....

Posted By: Genie
Date Posted: June 01 2005 at 7:27pm

I've been 'in' sewn in wefts for 15 yrs.... I had them installed by a stylist in L.A., but moved to Northern Michigan 5 yrs. ago, and of course, not a person in sight who could do it... So, my stylist generously TAUGHT ME how to do it on myself... God Bless Her.... Now, I do not have to depend on anyone, and they last nearly 2 - 2 1/2 months.... I treat it as if it is my real hair, no special treatments etc....... However, I get superior human hair from Giovanni & Sons (wefts, that is) in Sthn Calif.  (not sure I'm permitted to print this).... They are a breeze.... and it took me one year to get them perfected.....but as mentioned by the previous posts.... obtaining superior - trouble free hair should be the NUMBER ONE FOCUS.....

I have 'weak sides'.... and would like to just a few strands there.... I'm considering purchasing the DOME SYSTEM, as I am not it the same as Prostyles?  It look easy to put in ...... almost like Jennie's pinch braids, but the gun melts the synth hair...... Any Dome user's out there??


Northern Michigan


Genie Aldrich

Posted By: CyberMane
Date Posted: June 01 2005 at 10:40pm

Hi Genie

ProStyles and Dome is the same technique.  It is called heat sealed.  It uses a 3 stem braid and the fiber is wraped around and sealed.

Dome also has monofiber.  It is a 4 box braid which utilizes 2 stylists.  Prolin or Prohair is very similar and better than the Monofiber- in my opinion.

I am always looking for good hair- human and synthetic.  Where is this company?  You can PM me.

Thanks, Charlene

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Posted By: zapevaj
Date Posted: June 01 2005 at 11:18pm
Monofiber actually refers to the fiber, not the method of attachment (i.e. the heat seal). Prohair and Prolin aren't the same- Prohair is ProStyles' fiber, and Prolin is a fiber that Dome makes that is just as expensive as their regular stuff but comes in smaller bags. Personally, I can't discern a difference between Dome and ProStyles' fiber. I also believe that all micro-thin, high-quality kanekalon hair fibers are called monofiber- so Dome and ProStyles' hair is also technically monofiber.


------------- - Hair Alchemy

Posted By: purrmachine
Date Posted: June 02 2005 at 10:44am

Prostyles, Prohair, Prolin, Dome and Plastikhaar are all monofiber - aka high quality kanekalon synthetic fiber.  They are all pretty much, if not exactly the same thing, even coming from the same manufacturer half the time.

Posted By: zapevaj
Date Posted: June 02 2005 at 12:38pm
Yeah, and Prolin is even really the same thing as Dome fiber, it just comes in blended colors. I was just pointing out that Prolin and proHair weren't synonymous brand names (same thing, but different comany).


------------- - Hair Alchemy

Posted By: CyberMane
Date Posted: June 02 2005 at 6:57pm
I was just talking to the London hair company for Dome and he
said that his Prolin is nicer than the Monofiber. Both from the
same company. I agree {my opinion}.

Personally I like Prohair, Prolin and can't wait to get my
Plastikhaar! After using Prohair, my clients do not want the
Monofiber. {shrug}


------------- -

Posted By: Jenny_RR
Date Posted: June 02 2005 at 9:57pm
Really? I've worn Prolin, and it seems exactly the same quality to me as the standard Dome monofiber, except that it's machine blended. Keep in mind that they jack the price *way* up for Prolin (in other words, you get only 1/4 of the hair with Prolin for the same price as a whole bag of Dome monofiber; a bag of PH is about half of the Dome monofiber cost). With Prolin, you'd need like 12 bags for a full head, which totals more than $300--way too much to spend for synth. The same amount of standard Dome monofiber would cost about $100; with PH, it'd be about $50. :)

Posted By: zapevaj
Date Posted: June 03 2005 at 4:33am
Yeah. I dunno, maybe I've just got sandpaper fingers, but I couldn't tell the difference etween regular Dome and Prolin. Aside from the color, that is- and I wasn't even that impressed with the colors. It's nothing I couldn't do with two shades of monofiber and a paddle brush.


------------- - Hair Alchemy

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