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Hair color swatches...

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Topic: Hair color swatches...
Posted By: Veronica F
Subject: Hair color swatches...
Date Posted: June 22 2005 at 8:48am

Hey this is sorta a random question. Have any of you ever noticed that when u go to buy haircolor from the beuaty supply store or get ur hair colored in the salon, and you look at the swatches, that some of the swatch colors have two different shades blended together?

Like, for instance, you look at shade 6rv or something, and u notice the purple strand are mixed w/ the red strands. Or medium copper blonde, u see blonde w/ red strand mixed together. And its obvious that the color itself won't have these *highlights* just like that. I wonder, why then do they it like that, rather than how it would turn out exactly?!?

I hope you all what i'm talking abt!!  What is the point of showing it like that?

Posted By: eKatherine
Date Posted: June 22 2005 at 9:32am
Because synthetic hair doesn't come in all the subtle shades you can get with dye.


Just looking for a few good hair slaves - is that too much to ask?

Posted By: Veronica F
Date Posted: June 22 2005 at 9:34am
Ah! I always wondered abt that, i find it so distracting though when i'm tryna find a particular shade...I always thought that the synthetic hair used was always white to being with, hmmm. :/

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