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Colorfix...How long should I wait?

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Topic: Colorfix...How long should I wait?
Posted By: Isilinde
Subject: Colorfix...How long should I wait?
Date Posted: June 24 2005 at 2:28pm
I applied Colorfix to my hair twice yesterday, dyed it with a light auburn color which actually made it go dark again, and then used Colorfix once again today. It's now a dark auburn, but I want it lighter.

I already did the recommended 3 times with Colorfix. My hair is still in good condition though.

How long should I wait, or should I wait at all, until I use Cf again?

Posted By: irishroyal
Date Posted: June 26 2005 at 9:17am

 I would NOT use the Colorfix again. You can ONLY use it twice to the hair any more than that and you'll damage your hair, if what you have is a tad bit too dark use dish soap, like dawn and it will lift out the color and make it lighter.

 There is a lmit to what you can do to hair, it's dead matter and can only take so much. After you use the Dawn use a deep conditioner for 10 minutes. If you are a stylist then you can get the Redken Deep Fuel or Matrix's Cera Repair Pro- Fortetherapie.

 - Mags Kavanaugh  ASKMAGS.COM

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