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okay, i’ve tried and tried again

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Topic: okay, i’ve tried and tried again
Posted By: femmemuscle
Subject: okay, i’ve tried and tried again
Date Posted: June 30 2005 at 6:56pm

i was told in order to prevent acne, one must sleep on their many folks out there do i know and you know that sleeps on their back - every time they go to bed..can we get real?

I know the theory that if you sleep with you skin in contact with the linens, you're increasing the chances of blackheads, acne, etc.

well, i tried it just for glamour's sake..i saw it in the movies all of the time..doesn't work, one, my mouth yawps open in a good deep sleep..believe me, i don't look so glamourous after that. two, of course, my tongue falls back against my esophageal airway if my head isn't tilted back far enough. that means i snore..yes, ladies, SNORE...making more noise than a busted chainsaw..

there have been times i've snored so darn loudly that i've awakened myself!!

So, are there any reasonable/practical ways to avoid sleeping on one's face?  or is the theory really all that true?

yours truly,

pizza face



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