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help- so frustrated (((clip-ins)))

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Topic: help- so frustrated (((clip-ins)))
Posted By: Juliejewels
Subject: help- so frustrated (((clip-ins)))
Date Posted: July 12 2005 at 5:14pm

I have been  wearing  my  wonderful clip ins for about 3 months. They look awesome and I have learned to put them in at the speed of light thanks to the tips on this board.

I am so frustrated, because in the  last couple weeks I have really had difficulty. They are slipping  and do not stay in the way they  used to. I am teasing a little at the root and spraying the area to create an anchor...gggrrrrrr...   It has always worked great and they  feel light and undetectable. At first I thought that my own hair might be too slick from the shampoo/conditioner and Redkin Anti-snap I use each day, but I have used that  stuff all along with no issue. I even did not  use it today- and yup- STILL SLIPPING!!!! Badly!!!

What is going on??? Do the clips wear out?  I need some serious help. I  love my  clip- ins adn want to keep wearing them.  Also, where can I  get good clips? Can I use liquid Gold to bond to the clips instead of sewing w/ thread? The hair is  really in awesome shape. I thought I could just put new clips on.

Suggestions???? Thanks for saving me.


ps: will the continual wearing of the clip ins damage my own hair? My own is past shoulder length- but the clip-ins provide the extra volume and make styling so darn easy. I don't want to create bald/weak areas. I have not noticed breakage as of yet.

Thanks a bunch -Julie



Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: July 12 2005 at 9:30pm


I'm not too sure what's going on with your hair!  I wear clip ins everyday and have worn them consistantly for 4 or so years.

Are you teasing and spraying the hair into  a good enough matt for the clip to hold in?  I would guess that you are because up until now you have had no trouble with them.

I have noticed with wear that sometimes the prong teeth of the toupee clips can get bent or break off  over time.  And I have noticed that some clips that are brand new for some reason want to keep popping open.  When they do this, I just bend them a little bit and it seems to help.

I dont' think that the clip ins will cause damage as long as you don't sleep with them in.  If you did sleep in them, you could get friction damage.  After 4 years or so of wear on almost a daily basis, my natural hair is no worse off than it ever was before.

I have always sewed my clips onto the weft, never bonded them, so I'm not sure if that would be part of the problem, but I doubt it is.


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Posted By: Kimbearly
Date Posted: July 12 2005 at 10:04pm
Hmmm - not sure what is going on but maybe it is your clips.  The ones from Sally are horrible, I bought some from Kristen at Hair Candy and my hair is too thick for them and they keep on popping open.  The only kind of clip I can use is from Choice Hair Extensions.  These clips are fantastic. - 11113&category=60188&tc=photo   BTW I also sew my clips on the weft and I have had no damage from clip-ins. 


Posted By: isaac
Date Posted: July 12 2005 at 11:49pm

Do they have the ruber on them?
The ones for mens hair pieces work best.
You can get them from his and her . (just not there hair)

As far as damage I have never seen any from that.

Just add them in a bit difrent each time so there is never lots of stress on
one part of your hair.

Isaac - Cyberparlor


Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: July 13 2005 at 9:55am

Wow Kimbearly!

I am having the same problem as you with the Haircandy clips, and my hair is super thin and fine, so it's not a matter of your thick hair!

I ordered about 60 clips from her to sew on my various sets of  PH clip ins, and I would say that over 2/3 of the clips pop open.  It really makes me angry, because I'll be trying to get ready for work, and I have to mess with clips that keep popping open and it takes extra time!  I found that by cutting that rubber off the back of the clip works a little better, and also I bend the clips back and forth and it seems to work better too.

I won't buy clips from her again.

In the past, I usually ordered my clips from one of my hair piece manufacturers or I have ordered some from Doc's before that were good.

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Posted By: Juliejewels
Date Posted: July 13 2005 at 11:50am

Thank you so much for the input. I tried bending the "worst "clip and I think I made it worse. It no longer makes the little  clicking sound when snapped shut.  I guess maybe I need to take more time in putting them in my  hair. Maybe my own hair is too soft from over conditioning. Who knows...I usually get them in so easily and they  look and feel awesome.

I  am going to sew a new clip in place of that  old one I bent and try that.Also  going to make sure I am  teashing enough and spraying that area to create a good base. The  clips do  have rubber on them and that  seems to help , as my own hair is really soft and stick straight- no texture at all. I have some  Sally's clips and also  going to use some off a set of  extensions I bought that  are the wrong length/color for my hair.

I  also  have a brand new bulk of gorgeous new remy hair to  make my own clip ins. I will stick with sewing vs. gluing since no one  mentioned using the glue. I am a bit worried the hair is too soft and silky to match my own...hope it  works.

Thanks again, this  board is INVALUABLE.



Posted By: Chris H.
Date Posted: July 14 2005 at 10:19pm
hey guys, that was some great info!

Posted By: isaac
Date Posted: July 14 2005 at 10:28pm
Skip the glue sewing will last longer.

Any pics of these bad clips?



Posted By: Longhairdreams
Date Posted: July 14 2005 at 11:15pm
That really sucks about the clips.I have the clips from haircandy,and havent had any problems.They work great for me.I'm not sure whats causing yours to screw up..The first clip ins I made on the other hand I used cheapy clips and more than half broke apart.I have had a couple of stubborn clips recently.But If I bend them back and forth a couple of times they usually work fine.Also I dont use the tease,spray method.And I have fine thin hair.


Posted By: amm
Date Posted: July 15 2005 at 1:12am
Originally posted by Kimbearly Kimbearly wrote:

The only kind of clip I can use is from Choice Hair Extensions. These clips are fantastic. - 11113&category=60188&tc=photo

I have some clips that no matter what I do, they will not stay closed. Sometimes I don't even know they popped open until I feel back and I have a nice corner poking out. And they open with just the smallest amount of hair in there so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Kimbearly, is there a structural difference you can see with the clips that work? They look just like the tempermental ones I have with the little rubber strip on them.

------------- - Extension Supplies & Virgin Brazilian Hair

Posted By: Juliejewels
Date Posted: July 15 2005 at 7:14am

I think it was just the clip. Maybe it  just  got worn. It did not work to  bend it. Only made it worse. I do not have a picture, but the  bad clip looked exactly like the one in the link that was posted.

I glued a new clip on and it is just fine. (although I have not worn my extensions all week. I will be  putting them in later today.) Maybe the reason they  have not held well the last couple times I wore them is because I rushed or was careless. I will take my time today. It is just  frustrating.

I also  got some wonderful quality  hair and made a new set of clip-ins last night. I used LG glue and some clips from an old set I had. The  track lays so flat cause I can press it down and hold it while the  glue dries. It appears to  be really strong and secure. We'll see. I  may be getting out the needle and thread! I only use one weft, though. I do not put two together. 

This  lady  sells awesome  hair. -  and is so  good with e-mails, questions, service, fast shipping.  I bought  her highest  quality remy and have never seen anything like it! So shiny, soft. She does have some lesser quality , less expensiive hair that she suggested would work great  for clip ins, but I boughtthe highest quality she has.  It is track hair, though- so great for making clip-ins  and not much else unless you are bonding in or  sewing in. I will say, I have not washed it yet, but I expect it to  hold up. I look forward to wearing my  new custom  clip-ins...and having the clips work!!!!


Posted By: Kimbearly
Date Posted: July 16 2005 at 12:31pm


The clips look like any other but IMO they are stronger.  The Hair Candy clips are more flexible and the metal seems thinner.  The clips that I use are thicker.  These clips are sooo good that I have been using the same 3 for two years now - I just cut them off the extension I am done using and sew them into the new one.  I ordered the ones from Hair Candy because she had them in dark brown and the site I posted only has silver.  Can't deal with the popping and slipping so I am back to my tried and true.  I have thick hair and with these clips I can put a good amount of my hair in with no popping or slipping - A++++++ in my book!


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