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Hair turned out reddish -nice’n easy 106A

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Topic: Hair turned out reddish -nice’n easy 106A
Posted By: CatFanatik
Subject: Hair turned out reddish -nice’n easy 106A
Date Posted: July 13 2005 at 8:24pm

Hi! This is a PERFECT board for me.

I dyed my hair for the first time ever (I've had professional highlights done before) this past weekend.  I was just sick of my hair being all different colors (including alot of grey coming in, along with roots, highlights, etc).  Basically my hair is very light brown, I believe. Either that or dark dark blonde.  Not even sure anymore.  LOL

So I used Nice 'n Easy 106A. It's a 'level 3 permanent'. I left it in for the maximum time (I believe it was 40 minutes). I did feel a slight burning sensation toward the end.
I followed all the directions but my hair turned out lighter than I thought it would. It also has a reddish/orangish tint which I would absolutely LOVE to correct but have no idea how to. I'm even up for temporary solutions to apply daily/weekly. I do not want to further damage my hair and for financial reasons, not looking to get it professionally done unless the majority here say "go to a salon!!".

The top of my hair, near the scalp, is lighter than the rest turned out but not noticeably.  My hair is also seems slightly thinner since dying it.  It is also in desparate need of a trim which I will be gettnig soon. My hairdresser is going to be very surprised i colored it. I've been going to her for 15 to 20 years and always got my highlights done by her. This time I felt like I needed more than highlights.  I need to cover all that darned grey!!!! 

Basically, my hair is thin (each strand) but I have ALOT of it therefore making my hair appear thicker.  It is wavy but normally I like to straighten it, either with a blowdryer or recently (past year) a straightening iron (I bought from a salon for $70!! It's ceramic).  I do spray in a product that is supposed to protect hair from getting damaged before straightening it.  It's a Matrix smoothing product.

I would love to hear your thoughts on recommendations on:

  • How best to protect my hair from sun damage, I do not want it any redder/orang-er! :)  
  • How to get the red/orange out. Even if it's a temporary solution I have to  apply every so often. What are these hair glosses and correctors, etc.  Also I read in another post something about applying olive oil to hair?  (something about getting mroe of the natural color to ... erm .. excuse me if I don't quite remember,.. but maybe to break out of the folicle?) Would that make my hair worse?
  • Just any general advice in a very hair-friendly way to get the red/orange tint out.  Even if I have to dye it a darker color, say brown .......... do I need to worry about these violet/blue based colors that reduce orange (all information I'm giving is new to me since reading this forum for the last hour, so I'm sorry if I don't seem to speak "hair" language very well!! )
  • It seems to me that since I colored my hair (4 days ago) it seems a little lighter now. Is that possible? I haven't spent any time in the sun since.  I actually don't want it lighter although I grew up with blonde hair that turned darker as the years went on .... (I'm 42 now).
  • Any suggestions on specific products for conditioning/coloring?

My gosh can I gab up a storm or what?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. Don't worry I'll be keeping a very close eye on this thread, and will reply as soon as I can to any replies that I do get!!

With many thanks!!

Not overly concerned but a little self conscious,


Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: July 15 2005 at 6:53am
I looked at a photo of niceNEasy 106A's box online, and it looks like a pretty ashy color, so if it turned your hair orange, it must have had a violet base in it and had a lightening effect.  What this may mean (I say 'may' because remember I'm not a pro, but I always hope that if I say anything wrong a pro will come along and correct me!) what it may mean is that the lightening effect of the peroxide in the color is more to blame for making your hair come out orange than it actually being dyed with an orange shade.  The violet base is not enough to counter natural oranges that come out in darker hair. There was probably some of the brown in the dye sticking to it too, which may be what is washing out making it appear lighter lately.  If it's not getting more orange as it fades, great!  If it is, more fading won't improve the situation (see what I said below about colorfix and olive oil).

Things you need to know for going to Sallys:  If you want to dye your hair, you'll need both a bottle of dye and a bottle of developer.  10 or 20 volume is better for your hair than 30 or 40 (you probably only want 10, really).  30 and 40 are for lightening hair a lot, and contain more peroxide. Since you are going for colors near your natural, you probably won't ever need those.  You will also need one of the empty plastic bottles they sell there with the squirting tip - that's how you do your roots only.  You measure a small amount of the dye using the marks on the bottle and make your developer mix in the bottle, then use the tip to squirt it along your scalp, making parts in your hair about every 1/2 inch with the tip.  (If you wash the dye out of it while its still wet with soap and hot water - squirting water through the tip to clean it well, you can reuse your measuring bottle).

So when you choose your dye, you don't necessarily need to go darker to fix this.  You would need one with a blue or green base to counter the orange, and you should use it only on the parts that are orange.  If you use it on parts that aren't orange, you may get a green cast to that hair.  Realize there is risk of mismatching anytime you do something to one part of your hair and not to another part.  I've done it in the past with success, but any time you dye your own hair, there's always risk of an accident!  It's best to always to test strands of everything so you know exactly how it will come out and how long to time it.

Since you have fine hair, and you want to dye it frequently, not only should you consider semi permanent for doing all of your hair, but you should only do your roots as much as you can, and avoid pulling the dye all the way through the rest of your hair every time.  Dyes are harsh and straightening is too, you will have very dry hair after awhile if you always do your whole head.

The olive oil was used in the other post to help try to remove permanent color.  Colorfix is a color remover you may have also read about.  Both will help remove the dye from hair (depending on what it was dyed with, some dyes are tricky), but the peroxide used in dyes often has a bleaching effect on your natural hair, so after you use those, you may be left with orange hair.  (They remove the dye, but the hair underneath is orange from the peroxide in the dye).  So even after you use those, you usually have to redye to get a natural looking color.

Good luck!

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Posted By: eKatherine
Date Posted: July 15 2005 at 8:15am
You said your hair was a lot of different colors. It sounds like the differently colored sections reacted differently to the dye, and your virgin hair reacted yet another way. Box dye is intended to color hair virgin hair for reliable results. Was the part that turned orange previously highlighted?

Also, the directions recommend a maximum of 25 minutes. Leaving it on longer than that may have bleached your hair to an orange stage. Undoubtedly it was also responsible for the scalp irritation. Did you do a strand test that suggested 45 minutes was going to work for you?

In any case, I would go with the demipermanent recommendations that Susan W. gave.


Just looking for a few good hair slaves - is that too much to ask?

Posted By: CatFanatik
Date Posted: July 15 2005 at 2:20pm

Thank you both very much for answering!

106A isn't really too ashey. You would see if you saw the box "in person".    But I didn't think of having any orange/red problem.  Of course, my hair didn't turn out that exact color on the box anyway.  :)

Either I'm getting used to it, or it's not as orange.  So I may not touch it at all right now. Ugh.  Decisions.

I like the idea of doing roots only when I need to.  I will do that.  (either that or go to the salon and get it done .. but right now I don't feel like I can afford to upkeep my hair at salon prices!).

I will definitely buy my products at Sally's from now on.  I should have really done my research before hand.  <--me

eKat - Thanks for the box dye on virgin hair info.  I really feel silly now not doing my homework. I didn't realize, until coming to this site, that all this coloring is so complicated (call me naive!! Remember this was my first time attempting this at home).

I'm fairly sure that the insert my box came with said absolutely no longer than 45 minutes (maybe 40). I think 25 was either the average or minimum.  It said longer the more grey you had...... so I went with longer.  I have the insert at home (I'm at work now. )

I'm not as freaked out now as I was when I first posted. I still haven't been in the sun and I will be careful when I do. I really don't want to let my hair get too light, I'm too pale for that.

As far as my hair being different colors, it was but not to an extreme. I had highlights that were growing out.  And grey's coming in!!  :) It turned out a little more orange up top (where my roots were coming in from the previous highlights.) but otherwise quite even.  It's not a bad bright horrible orange though. It's just something I didn't expect and didn't really want.  I think it could be I had more dye in place near my scalp because I was paranoid that it wouldn't take near the roots so I made sure it did - too sure. 

Still deciding on a course of action.

Thanks again!

Posted By: CatFanatik
Date Posted: August 20 2005 at 11:25am

I'm going to get my hair professionally fixed today!! yay.  I'm sick of the red and my hair needs cutting SOO bad.  Just wanted to celebrate my decision to spend the money and get it done right.   The person is someone new who was recommended to me. I actually met her out (socially) last night and we went over everything. 

Wish me luck. I'll come back and let you all know how it went.  If I can I'll post pictures of before the whole thing, a pic of me now, and after my appt. 

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: August 20 2005 at 2:52pm
Good luck!  

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Posted By: CatFanatik
Date Posted: August 20 2005 at 6:40pm

Well I got my hair cut, dyed and highlighted.

Turned out very nice. She used a demi-permanent, (#6? dark blonde. Not sure of the brand - we agreed on the color together. I was hoping for lighter but didn't want to put up with roots all the time - can't have everything) she said it was a deposit only color.  And she added a small amount of highlights (foils) which she really took her time with so it looked "sunkissed" as she put it.  The color turned out darker than I wanted, and the highlights weren't as much, BUT I am SOO happy anyway .....  it is SO much healthier looking, the redness on top is toned down, she cut 2 inches of dead hair off the bottom :)  She said because it is a demi, it will fade.

She sold me two Huge bottles of Biolage colorcaretherapie - the shampoo and conditioner - each 33.8 oz bottles, were $25 for the both of them. 

I see the shampoo has both sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate as the 2nd and 3rd ingredients, respectively.  The fourth ingredient is cocamidopropyl betaine.   I wanted a very gentle one for color treated hair but see that the first four ingredients are no different than Herbal Essense Nourishing Palm shampoo for Colored/Permed/Dry/Damaged hair.

So which is better for my hair?   Does it matter? The ingredients toward the end of the Biolage product look much more natural than the ingredients toward the end of the list on the Herbal Essense bottle.

I also have a bottle of Redken Extreme - but it doesn't say it's for color treated hair.  It lists water/aqua, tea-lauryl sulfate, cocamide mipa, and carbomer as the first four ingredients.

Well maybe these questions belong in another forum, but I just thought I'd throw them this way. 

I took alot of pictures but they all turned out different depending on the light! they all made the hair look alot lighter than it looks in the mirror.  Some made it look ash brown, others still reddish. But I see it as more of a light brown with blonde highlights now. 

Next time I'll just get more highlights, then I'll be happy. I don't think my roots will show with this color, and since it is demi, it is safe to get it every few months (when it fades out), right?

She also sold me another product she used on my hair that helped make it straight and shiny and SOOOOOOOo smooth. It's called Paul Mitchel SUPER SKINNY Serum.

Has anyone used that?

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