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Your dream install?

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Topic: Your dream install?
Posted By: naildiva
Subject: Your dream install?
Date Posted: August 12 2005 at 9:08pm

Hi everyone!  I have been trying to absorb all the info here!  I have a question:

If money, time and ability were no object, what would be your ultimate install?  What kind of hair?  What method?  Who would do it? What color(s)?

Posted By: BirdOfEden
Date Posted: August 12 2005 at 11:53pm

Ken Paves.

Posted By: marie87
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 5:38am
I would love to try pinch braids but with HH hair! Know way can I do it myself or get my freind to do it: (

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 10:41am

That is a hard question.  I think I have had almost every method in my hair, even wore very great European hair before.

For me, I prefer wefted methods over strand methods because wefts look less stringy in thin hair.  So, for wefts, the seamless wefts are great, as is Mark Barrington's Micro Tab extensions. 

I loved the seamless, and they did not damage my hair.  It was the Ultratress seamless with Indian hair.  The micro tabs were from MB and made out of European hair which was super silky, so that was probably the best.  I still have my European hair micro tabs in my hair closet some place, but the length of them in only 17"-19" and I' wearing my hair longer than that these days.

I really like this synth stuff too.  The color choices are too fun!  So for my permanent install,  I'm thinking about getting micro tabs made out of Plastik haar. 

 Right now I"m still wearing the plastik haar clip ins, because it's been 95-100 degrees here practically all summer, and it's nice to take off the hair sometimes!

------------- - -

Posted By: Amanda8Beechwoo
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 12:25pm

Is there anywhere you can actually buy the seamless or the micro tabs from? x

Posted By: BirdOfEden
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 12:31pm

What is seamless and micro tabs?

Posted By: sherrie215
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 4:53pm
Im not sure what method of install would be my dream method but for hair I would have to say I would love some blonde Great Lengths hair. Ive only sampled GL hair and the blonde GL is some amazing hair. The best hair Ive ever seen

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 8:34pm

I buy the seamless wefts through either - or -   You must be licensed and have an account with both of these companies to buy from them.

Now as of lately, I have seen that both - and - are carrying a seamless weft too.

The Micro Tabs can only be purchased through Mark Barrington (the originator of the Shrink Link system) and you must be licensed and certified via taking their class to buy them. 

The Micro tabs are very similar to the seamless, except they come in widths of 2" and they are very dense. I can send Mark Barrington any type of hair in any length I want and have him make it into the micro tabs wefts, which is nice for customization.

------------- - -

Posted By: Scotchyroo
Date Posted: August 13 2005 at 10:49pm
Why don't we all just meet up in Vegas for the weekend and get Metal girl to certify us one day then party down by a pool or some such whatnot.  WHat do you say?

Posted By: misscelestia
Date Posted: August 14 2005 at 12:17am
If money, time and ability were no object, what would be your ultimate install?

What kind of hair?

What method?
Fusion or Prostyles style heat seals

Who would do it?
Boogiemama, or perhaps Doc Lock's

What color(s)?
Pink, purple, blue, and black

*question authority*

Posted By: Amanda8Beechwoo
Date Posted: August 14 2005 at 4:51am
I wonder what the hair is like for the seamless weft from  The price is reasonable, do you think there is enough hair there in that pack for a full head Metalgirl? x

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: August 14 2005 at 12:07pm

I have not bought the seamless hair from hairpiece, so I can't say what the quality is like.

One pack is usually not enough for a full head.  I almost always buy two packs for a client.  I sandwich their hair between two pieces of the seamless and use a special hair piece adhesive.

I cut the seamless down into more managable widths, like 3-4 inch pieces so it's easier to work with.

Marie- I don't work for MB so I don't have the power to certify anyone, but I'd be down for a trip to Vegas!

------------- - -

Posted By: Dunebug
Date Posted: August 14 2005 at 12:54pm
Metalgirl, how long do you usually find the seamless wefts last for? Do you use a hair piece adhesive that is available to us non-licensed individuals? :) I'm interested in the seamless wefts, I'm assuming they arent re-usable... ?

Posted By: Amanda8Beechwoo
Date Posted: August 14 2005 at 3:08pm
So how many inches of weft would you say is needed for one client Metalgirl xx

Posted By: BirdOfEden
Date Posted: August 14 2005 at 3:26pm
I'm going to be in Vegas next month.

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 12:11am


I find that I can use the seamless wefts over for 2-3 installs.  With care, you could probably get 4 installs out of them.

The hairpiece adhesive that I found I like using with the seamless is called Vapon No Tape, and anyone can buy it.  I usually get it from -    It's not cheap, with shipping and handling it usually runs me about $30 per tube.  I can usually do 2-3 installs per tube.  I like it because it has a good hold for 6-8 weeks (wefted extensions usually don't stay in the hair as long as strands do)  and with the C-22 solvent, it's fairly easy to get out of the hair when it's time to take it out.


The Ultratress seamless comes in 4 strips that measure 12" in width.  Now I sandwich the client's hair between 2 pieces of the weft (that I cut into widths of 3-4 inches so it's easier to work with).  If the person already has fairly long hair but just wants fullness, than probably one package will be enough.  For most clients who want fullness and length, I use 2 packages.

I heard from SAS that Gemtress soon may be offering the Ultratress in 24" lengths, because right now it's only available in 18" lengths.  They do offer yaki textures and curly seamless wefts too.


------------- - -

Posted By: Kalika
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 1:17am
What kind of hair?
Plastikhaar 50 mm

What method?

Who would do it?
no particular person, just someone who can do a bajillion tiny braids for hours on end

What color(s)?
various shades of green and blue, tailbone length mermaid hair, I COULD do this except my boss wont let me have mermaid hair :(

Posted By: marie87
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 6:30am
Metalgirl, the liquid adhesives on that site, would they work in place of liquid gold for pre tipping. Do you know if they don't get as goopy as LG. All sorts of adhesives I have never seen on that site! Which have you tryed?

Posted By: Syren123
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 4:28pm
Originally posted by Scotchyroo Scotchyroo wrote:

Why don't we all just meet up in Vegas for the weekend and get Metal girl to certify us one day then party down by a pool or some such whatnot.  WHat do you say?

I'm in.
Does this weekend include the hair?!

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 8:45pm

Hi Marie,

I have never tried pretipping with any of those adhesives, so I don't know how they would work for something like that.  I don't worry about pretipping because when I do shrink links I just use the perma plug hair, which is nice because I don't have to fool around with trying to do it myself.

------------- - -

Posted By: marie87
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 9:13pm
I did try the ep plugs with shrinks on a freind and they stayed I was surprized! But I'm pre tipping my fina hair for my own install and the LG did help last time. I cant figure out what the EZ plugs are tipped with. It's not wax or keritin they dont melt at all. Oh and I think it was scotchroo wantin to get certifyed by the pool. Dose sound like fun though

Posted By: leia1979
Date Posted: August 15 2005 at 10:41pm
If money, time and ability were no object, what would be your ultimate install?

What kind of hair?
Plastikhaar or Prohair

What method?
heat seals

Who would do it?
Boogiemama or Lisa (Metalgirl)....or Kristin, if I wanted to try fusion.
I don't like going to complete strangers. 

What color(s)?
Bright, flaming red!  Red streaks plus an undercolor to make my hair like 3 inches longer.  *sigh*  I don't think my workplace could handle the all that red hotness, though.

Kalika - why won't your boss let you have mermaid hair?  I'd think having a unique look would be beneficial in your line of work.

Posted By: Kalika
Date Posted: August 16 2005 at 2:24am
nah, they even make me cover up my tattoo.  I used to have short spikey blue hair in seattle, and I DID make more money, but down south they want "classier" women.  *pfffft, thats his excuse.  I broke him down a bit and can have wild streaks in moderation, or faux dreads.  just not both at the same time*

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: August 16 2005 at 11:44am
Some clubs are very picky!  When I was going to college and working as a dancer, the club that I worked at was more relaxed on those rules, so girls could have tatoos, piercing, funky hair, whatever they wanted.  Now I must say that most of the older customers (35+) were put off by that kind of stuff, but the younger guys really liked it.

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