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Best Non-silicone Shampoo/Conditioner?

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Topic: Best Non-silicone Shampoo/Conditioner?
Posted By: Thorn
Subject: Best Non-silicone Shampoo/Conditioner?
Date Posted: September 18 2005 at 7:10pm
Does anyone know of any really good non-silicone shampoo/conditoners I could find at my local drugstore or Walmart? I've been using VO5 shampoo and conditioner but they don't seem all that great. I've had to deep condition to get my hair soft. Any help? Thank you.

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: September 20 2005 at 8:08am
My experience of late is that without silicones and clarifying, my hair never feels soft, and always tangles. (Everyone's hair is different, of course).  I don't know of a non-silicone conditioner at those stores, as I had no luck finding one there (anyone else know?) besides the V05. 

When I don't want to use cones, I use Avalon, which you can find in some GNC stores.  Its about 7 bucks a bottle, but is natural and has no cones or sulfates.  I use both the shampoo and conditioner, but do need a cone conditioner afterward for softness.

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Posted By: tdouty
Date Posted: September 20 2005 at 8:54am
Jennifer's hair is the same way.  We have to use something with cones when we wash her hair or the tangles would do more damage than the cones.  Clarifying removes them and her hair seems to look and feel great so we don't worry about it.

As an update, we did begin to have troubles with CO suddenly for no apparent reason.  Suddenly, she got a terrible flakey head and we couldn't clear it up with ACV or with scritching so we cut all her hair off (just kidding!!)  ..... we started using shampoo once every week to 10 days and CO in between.  So far so good.


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Posted By: dolcecasa
Date Posted: September 20 2005 at 2:34pm
Ive been using Natures Gate jojoba shampoo and conditioner(no cones) and it seems to be just fine.Of course Im growing hair out so its not long yet so I cant speak about the tangling effect. I find if I leave the conditioner on my hair wrapped in a warm towel for
about 15 min or more, then rinse well with warm water and final rinse cool it feels as good as a silicone cond.would. I think most NG products are cone free.
Hope that helps.


Posted By: AnaisSatin
Date Posted: September 20 2005 at 5:06pm
Tdouty, I freaked out when I read that! Shame on you!

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Posted By: akiz
Date Posted: September 20 2005 at 11:01pm

I had the same problem with the COing and had to go back on shampoo. After trying tea tree oil and Nutrigena T Gel, I finally had luck with the **extra strength** T Gel for the flakes. I'm trying to do that once a week and am weaning back on to the COing for the rest of the days.

Thorn, I use Suave's Milk and Honey conditioner (from their Naturals line) and really love it. I believe it's cone free.

Posted By: tdouty
Date Posted: September 21 2005 at 8:50am

I never heard of the T/Gel, but did a Google search on it.  I see they also have it in a conditioner that is supposed to control flakes.  We might give it a try using the T/Gel conditioner once a week as part of the CO wash and do the regular CO (V05 strawberries and cream/Suave Humectant/Pantene deep conditioner) for the other washes.  Is that what you were talking about or are you just using the T/Gel shampoo and not the conditioner?

Sorry for straying from the original thread.


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Posted By: Thorn
Date Posted: September 21 2005 at 4:40pm
I looked through Tresemme's shampoo/conditioner ingredients and they don't have silicone! Plus they look like they're better quality.


Posted By: MrsMNK
Date Posted: September 30 2005 at 9:13am

Hey everyone, Because i dont know much about ingredients in shampoos & conditioners, i was just wondering if the shampoo i use will harm my hair,


This shampoo is designed for babys so ifits damaging why do they sell it?


Posted By: Spaci32
Date Posted: October 02 2005 at 9:19pm


I looked at my two tresemme conditioners and they both contain a type of silicone.  If it ends in cone then it's one.  It's still a good conditioner and works great for me. 

I tried to go with a non-cone conditioner and it just didn't agree with my hair so it looks like mine is one that needs a bit.  One that I used was the Giovanni brand that you can get at most health food stores (got mine at Wild Oats).  I still use some of the products for they're still a good brand. Another is Nature's Gate which has a great moisturizing shampoo with Lemon Verbena and Camomile (I think) that I use.  No harsh chemicals.  I'm sure they're conditioners are just as good.  It's a good brand to try too.


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Posted By: missrini
Date Posted: October 04 2005 at 5:39am
MrsMNK, sodium Laureth sulfate is not good for your hair. That is one of the ingredients in Johnson's baby shampoo.  I've never used johnsons products on my bubbas as I found them too harsh.  I guess they sell them because ppl believe they must be good if they are for babies.  Profit is the name of the game.

Posted By: Thorn
Date Posted: October 04 2005 at 6:07am
Originally posted by missrini missrini wrote:

MrsMNK, sodium Laureth sulfate is not good for your hair. That is one of the ingredients in Johnson's baby shampoo.  I've never used johnsons products on my bubbas as I found them too harsh.  I guess they sell them because ppl believe they must be good if they are for babies.  Profit is the name of the game.

Most shampoo ingredients contain this. What brand can I get that doesn't have this yet is sold in a drugstore?


Posted By: missrini
Date Posted: October 05 2005 at 8:47pm
HI Thorn.  What country are you in?  There is an excellent brand here in Australia called "natural instincts" with the entire product line made from herbs, essential oils etc.  NO nasty chemicals.  I am sure there would be similar product lines where you live?  Maybe someone else who lives near you could advise?

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