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Aveda vs Redken

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Topic: Aveda vs Redken
Posted By: spidermonkey
Subject: Aveda vs Redken
Date Posted: November 06 2005 at 8:17pm
I have been going to an Aveda Concept Salon for less than a year- I love
the products, my hair's never been shinier or healthier. My stylist came
highly recommended thru a couple of friends at work- and I was never
disappointed- she never cut off too much and my hair always looked
great when I left the salon. The PROBLEM is, my stylist moved to another
salon, not an Aveda Salon-- a Redken salon. The way I found out was the
Aveda salon called to tell me she'd left to go to "X" salon & I could go
there or schedule w/another person at Aveda. So I went to another Aveda
person in the same salon, and altho my hair looks good, it just isn't the
same as w/my previous stylist!! For one thing she can't style my hair the
way the first girl did, and she loaded the product on making my hair
heavy & sticky!! I was so mad when I left there!! I am afraid for this new
person to cut my hair, and I am considering following stylist #1 to the
Redken salon-- only I am afraid the Redken products aren't as healthy as
Aveda & my hair will suffer!! Has anyone had experience in Redken &
Aveda color?? HELP (I no longer work w/the women who
referred me to Aveda so I can't confer w/them)

Posted By: KB
Date Posted: November 06 2005 at 9:05pm

I say follow your stylist to the Redken salon.  A lot of people might disagree with what I'm about to say, but it's my firm belief that a product is only as good as the stylist using it.  Especially haircolor product.  It's not uncommon for stylists to switch color lines, or be trained with multiple color lines within their own salon. Have faith that your stylist, who always did a good job before, will still be able to give you fabulous color.  Give her a chance to work through the transition from Aveda to Redken -  you might be surprised.  Heck, you might even like Redken better, who knows?  And don't you miss the great haircuts she gave you anyway? 

Posted By: KellyH
Date Posted: November 06 2005 at 9:59pm
I agree with KB, TOTALLY! If you have 'chemistry' and she's good with cannot go wrong!


Posted By: spidermonkey
Date Posted: November 06 2005 at 11:02pm
hmmm, maybe I will follow her. I have only had one appt. since she left, and
I haven't had a cut yet. I am a little afraid to switch b/c I had a bad
experience in the past where I loved my stylist and she switched to L'Oreal
color (from Schwartzkopf) & my hair got dry & brittle w/just one time going
there--she tried to fix it but it really looked unhealthy. So....I found the
Aveda Salon & it's totally helped my hair- I get compliments all the time
about how healthy & shiny it is-- so you see why the reluctance to switch
again.....anyway....thanks for the advice, it gives me something to think

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