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I’ve been suckered

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Topic: I’ve been suckered
Posted By: femmemuscle
Subject: I’ve been suckered
Date Posted: November 23 2005 at 5:52pm

There's a product that is supposed to work "wonders" for Cellulite.  It's manufactured under the name "Susan Ciminelli" Trilogy for Cellulite. I thought it would work because big names like Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Cindi Crawford, and a few other celebrities use her products.

I was so excited and shelled out $250 for the Cellulite Trilogy made of algae, marine lotion, and algae toner for "tightening" the skin...I soaked in it for 30  to 45 minutes.  But they don't tell you how often one should do this..I called the 1800 number on her web site, and received an automated voice mail, and left a message asking how often i should use this product before seeing any results.  no answer.

i sent an email...asking the same answer...

I don't have very much cellulite to get rid of, and thought this wouldn't take very long.  it's been over a month.and still no results..

this is just my experience...hopefully. somone will read this before shelling out $250. like i did..thanks.

Posted By: scooby
Date Posted: November 25 2005 at 2:45pm

What a horrible experience. Thanks for sharing.

Hope everything works out otherwise.

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