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bumps on eyelids

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Topic: bumps on eyelids
Posted By: Yoda
Subject: bumps on eyelids
Date Posted: December 04 2005 at 7:48pm
Hi, maybe one of you guys can help me. My mom has these white/flesh colored bumps on her eyelids. She says one of them is getting a little bigger. Do you guys know what these are or what she can do for them?

Posted By: noeyangel77
Date Posted: December 04 2005 at 8:15pm

I am pretty sure what you are explaining is called Milia.  These are what look like little white heads but are very hard to "pop" because they are covered in a thickish layer of skin.  I also have these around my eyes, mostly underneath my lower lashes.  Your mom should go to an Aesthetician to get them removed.  They will have specific tools to do this - or can remove them during a facial.  It will be a little painful - but worth it. There will also be some swelling and redness after for about a day, just to warn you.  Hope this helps.

Good luck!!

Posted By: Yoda
Date Posted: December 04 2005 at 11:30pm

Thank you for the information NoeyAngel77! :)

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