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Anyone? White girl pix w/weave?

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Topic: Anyone? White girl pix w/weave?
Posted By: Ajslady70
Subject: Anyone? White girl pix w/weave?
Date Posted: December 24 2005 at 6:48pm

So after spending around an hour or two total yesterday dumping a whole bottle of glue remover and almost all of my nail polish remover on my head, I got the extensions out and dyed my hair.

The stylist I spoke to suggested a weave if I wanted long hair.  Does anyone have any pictures of a white girl with a weave?  I keep picturing a million tiny braids all over my head but not sure what they mean. 


Posted By: TanglesRC
Date Posted: December 24 2005 at 6:53pm

oh gosh- you hair must be thrashed feeling. Before you do anything, do a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. A good one is any one a salon can do for u. spend the time and money and get your hair in better condition. then wait about 3 days before u put in any extensions.

do a search for the weave- i am sure there are pictures.

Bringing beauty, one head at a time...

Posted By: Kalika
Date Posted: December 24 2005 at 7:43pm



Possibly the whitest girl youve ever seen  

Posted By: Ajslady70
Date Posted: December 25 2005 at 6:09am

Thanks for the pic!

Actually, my hair is very soft and feels just like before.  I was very careful getting the extensions out this time and didn't even get any of my own hair with them. 

It would be a while before I could do the weave if ever.  I pretty well live paycheck to paycheck being a single mom but perhaps after tax time. 

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: December 25 2005 at 12:34pm

The final result from wefts bonded in would be the same as if their weaved in.  The only difference is that you use the braid the sew method to attach the wefts instead of a glue.

Now, it is common practice to use the braid and sew method in such a way to cover most all of your scalp with wefted hair.  I have heard that called a 'full cap' weave and I myself wore it when my hair was very short like yours.  Some people even like to use a small hairpiece on top to minic a part area.  It think that is commonly called a 'closure' piece.

It done well, it can look very nice, but you need to make sure the stylist is very good at braiding fine, straight hair.

Good luck!

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Posted By: FabulousHairExt
Date Posted: December 26 2005 at 12:07am

I learned a method called the dream hair technique, it's a sew-in that doesn't use braids. It lays as flat as the bonding but it is said to last 2-3 months. All you do is take a very thin (mabe 1 cm wide) and about 3 inches across section of hair and braid it down, then you sew across that with a needle and thread to create a sold base. Then you sew the weft onto the base that you created. You can use hand tied or regular wefted hair.

fyi I know my spelling sux!

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: December 26 2005 at 1:01pm
I viewed the video for the Dream Technique, as well as all of the other videos at the Extensions to go site.  All the techniques look really interesting.  It's just unconventional ways to make a base  on which to sew wefted hair.

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Posted By: Ajslady70
Date Posted: December 26 2005 at 2:13pm

Well, I'm going in tonight at 5 to have braids put in all over my head and extensions sewn in on top of it.  The gal looked at my hair and said that would be best and she's doing it for $250 with TWO different colors, platinum and one I haven't chosen yet...maybe burgundy.

She was recommended by the stylist I went to before with my DIY extensions and this lady has been doing it for 15 years.  There was a girl having her head done before the stylist came in from her shop in the next room with all the hair and supplies in it and she said hers lasts for about 3 months.  I'm hoping I can get some good growth out of my own hair during that time and be able to do without when it comes time to tighten it but I may hate going back to baby fine hair. 

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: December 26 2005 at 9:51pm
I hope you like your new hair.  My natural hair was the healthiest it has ever been when I was wearing a full cap weave.

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Posted By: tjoh99
Date Posted: December 27 2005 at 3:38pm

Another uber white chick with wefts

I liked the wefts, but they were a bit itchy. I think my braids were too tight. I slept with a chopstick on my nightstand to scratch my head all the time. My hubby kept saying "that is so not hot hun, please stop".

I have shrinkies in now and they're peeking out a bit since my hair is so fine. Thinking about trying to tape.

Hopefully this photo will show.

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