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Thymuskin for hair re-growth???

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Topic: Thymuskin for hair re-growth???
Posted By: Nevaeh1
Subject: Thymuskin for hair re-growth???
Date Posted: December 30 2005 at 1:29pm
 Hello everyone- I am new to this site as of today, 12-30-05 and I wanted to know if anyone has any information on thymuskin, which is supposed to be very good in helping to regrow hair. I myself am a middle aged women past the age of 50 and have had a lot of problems over the past several years with hair loss in the top of my head and the circomefurance around it. I have been very upset about this fact as I have always had a fairly nice head of hair, and now that I am noticing baldness in a very pronounced way, it is upsetting. I have been trying to get as much information as I can on other ways to deal with this problem, even though I know it could possibly be from some other issues that have occured in my life which were very devastating to me. I am certain that now that I have calmed down that my hair should have grown back. I have no chemicals in my hair and haven't had any in my hair for several years now. I just wash my hair, grease the scalp well and keep my hair platted. I am now wearing a hair piece that has combs in it and you just put it on and go, but I would certainly rather have my own hair out, it I wasn't so self concious about the remarks that I get from other people. I was for awhile wearing braids with human or either synthetic hair, which I liked alot and it seemed to give my hair a rest and did grow out everywhere else except in the middle area of my head. I just can't understand that for the life of me. Anyway the rest of my hair has thickened out a whole lot and had become wavy from it being platted, but I am still trying to find some more information on something else that would possibly help in the area  where there is no hair. I probably should just let it go, and in my mind, I try to for a day or so, and then  I get more and more obcessed with the idea that there is something out there that would help me. If anyone can way in on the THYMUSKIN for hair loss I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: January 04 2006 at 6:55am
Welcome Nevaeh1, this has happened to several women in my family over 60, but was mostly caused by medications which they had to take.  I have not heard of thymuskin, but there is a Hair Loss forum here at hairboutique, maybe someone there knows something you can do.  (Look below where is says "Forum Jump", and choose Hair Talk - Hair Loss in the menu).  Good luck.

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