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Steps For Getting Da Waves

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Topic: Steps For Getting Da Waves
Posted By: WaveKingSup
Subject: Steps For Getting Da Waves
Date Posted: January 26 2005 at 9:37am
How To Get Da Waves

Teally deep waves results from letting hair grow out longer.

Everybody's waves won't look the same because the waves that form depend on your hair type.

Some folks have diff textures or mixed textures throughout the entire scalp area. This means waves might have a different look or may not all look exactly the same. However, this will probably not be noticeable to the average person.

The curls in your hair are the basic keys to creating da waves you want. The curlier your hair is, the more waves you will have in your hair. If your hair is straight you won't create the waves you want because in essence a straightened out curl is a former wave.

Pomade is NOT what develops waves. So if you donít want to use pomade, it doesnít matter to creating your waves. Pomade is used to help hold down your hair and help define the waves, but it isnít necessary for the process.

If you like to use pomade, use it before your brush or put on du rag
Brush hair no more than 1 to 1 Ĺ hours daily
Clean hair at least every other day to keep hair healthy
Brush hair in shower to make waves more uniform and well defined.
While hair is long, comb hair as well as brush (hard brush)
Get a hair cut every 2-4 weeks to make waves deeper
Wear du rag around when time is appropriate and to bed at night.
Spray du rag with water or moisturizer while wearing.

Pomade is used to help hold down your hair and help define waves but pomade is not absolutely essential for the process.

Either place a fingertip of pomade into your hand and rub it until it softens, place it in a sink of hot water until it melts, or melt it with a blow drier, then apply it evenly into your hair.

Thoroughly rub it into your hair with your palms. If the pomade isnít melted, properly, take a hot towel and place it on your head to melt the pomade/grease, or you can use a blow drier to help melt the formula. After you apply the pomade brush it into your hair.

For moisturizing use pink lotion or try Scurl Moisturizer to keep your hair from drying out. Apply the moisturizer you think you need it throughout the day.

If you want to use Ice Pomade, use it very sparingly for going out. it is possible that Ice Pomade my damage or irritate the skin near your scalp.

While you are brushing your hair, spray your hair with water and brush it dry. Keep repeating this until youíre finished brushing.

When brushing your hair start from the center of your head and brush out in every direction towards your lining.

The best way to brush is in the direction from the crown to your forehead, crown to your left temple, etc. From your crown you should brush in a basic circle.

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