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Extreme hair loss immediately after color

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Topic: Extreme hair loss immediately after color
Posted By: Straykitty
Subject: Extreme hair loss immediately after color
Date Posted: February 22 2006 at 9:08pm
Wondering if any one else had expierenced this before. I have been coloring my hair for years using only the semi permanent colors and only on occassion, prehaps at most 3 times a year, sometimes once every few years. In other words my hair wasn't damaged  from coloring at all, didn't have any hair problems, it was thick, ect. I had always used Clariol Natural Instincts or Color Spa. Finding a red color was getting hard to find so I decided to try a new one. Wella Color Charm. I brushed my hair as usual, no hair loss at all, then washed it, again no hair loss. Towel dried it then put demi (semi) color Wella Color Charm on and since it was new to me I only left it on 15 minutes and not 20. It looked much different than what I had used before. I went to rinse it out and it immediately started coming out in hand fulls. My hair is long, and it was just falling out. I rinsed quickly and shampooed again. I combed it out and it filled a brush full. That was 5 months ago, and it is still falling out, not quite as bad. I have lost a hugh amount of hair, everytime I brush my hair it's full of full lenght hair. Hair dressers I talked with seem to think it was over processed, how could it have been? It had been 4 months since I had colored it before with a semi color and only left it on 15 minutes, no problem 10 minutes before washing my hair or prior to that, just the minute I started rinsing it it started falling out in hand fulls. It didn't color either, most people never knew I had colored it. I'm wondering if something might have been wrong with the color to begin with. It remained a bright orange even after I put it on my hair, unlike others that turned a dark purple color. Has anyone else had this type experience? I was just going to add that I never expierenced any type of scalp irritation at all, if I had done an allergy test to begin with it would not have shown anything. I also once called in about shampooing prior to coloring, they told me mainly that it helps the hair hold color if you shmapoo ahead of time. I have had one Color brand say to shampoo and towel dry and then go ahead and color, can't remember which one though. I am at the age I am getting gray hairs and so I really would like to be able to color. I might go back to what I had used for years the Natural Instincts and try it again, but will never try thr Wella Brand again. Like i had said it looked very odd when I put it on, just like a very bright orange and never changed, I have wondered if something was wrong with it. Might have been.         & nbsp;         & nbsp;    

Posted By: hannebash
Date Posted: February 22 2006 at 9:34pm
I lost alot of hair this year when going from highlighted blonde back to brunette. Oddly, my hair never fell out or broke off from bleaching. I had to color it a couple of times with natural instincts to get it all brown, and used a filler too. My hair was noticably thinner for several months. There were actually nearly bare spots on my scalp! It was like my part widened. I didn't realize how much hair I lost until it all grew back. My scalp is totally filled in now and my hair is growing in thicker month by month. I will not color again, except maybe a few highlights someday a year or two from now. Give your hair a break, let it be natural and condition alot. After it recovers from the coloring, it will fill back in quickly. I'm very surprised at how much hair I lost, and how quickly it is now coming in. Hopefully by next fall my ends will look thicker too, as the new growth lenghtens. No more color for me for a Looooong time!

Posted By: hotpink
Date Posted: February 23 2006 at 1:14am
Straykitty I know this may not really be the answer to why your hair fell out, but all i know is that you shouldnt wash your hair for at least 24 hours prior to coloring because the natural oils protect your scalp. Im fortunate not to have had my hair fall out from dye, but i did have some tiny bumps on my scalp after dying my hair with a dye i have used before. You should probably start doing allergy tests from now on.

Posted By: KB
Date Posted: February 25 2006 at 6:56pm

Wow, that's kind of weird - although not completely unheard of.  I noticed that when I used to have my hair color-treated (usually highlighted) I lost what I thought was a lot of hair when I would brush it, or detangle after a shower.  My stylist assured me there was no cause for concern, as some hair loss is normal for most people. Although that very well might be true, I still thought I was losing an AWFUL lot. I never had bald spots or anything, but still... I was quite freaked.  I even went to the doctor to rule out a medical condition.  As it happens, I am now color-free for the first time since my late teen-aged years, and my hair has never looked and felt so great.  It's noticeably thicker and fuller, and I lose barely any strands of hair at all when I brush or comb through it.  It's amazing what NOT coloring has done for my hair.

Maybe some people react differently to haircolor than others.  Good luck with your situation - it sounds like the hair loss has eased up considerably.  I imagine you'll be able to cover those grays with a gentle color formula without getting an adverse reaction like you did with Wella Color Charm.  I guess every color brand is different.

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