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Dark Blonde > Platinum > Dark Blonde?

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Topic: Dark Blonde > Platinum > Dark Blonde?
Posted By: ThoughtCriminal
Subject: Dark Blonde > Platinum > Dark Blonde?
Date Posted: April 10 2006 at 8:21am

OK.  Apart from odd mini highlights using sun-in and semi-permanent green hairdye just in a couple of streaks I have never dyed my hair.

I'm 17 and used to have lightish blonde hair when I was little but no sun exposure = dark blonde/light brown hair.


1. I bought Garnier Belle Color Light Natural Beige Blonde [9.13] in the summer and reacted to a patch test.  However, recently I did another test and nothing happened.  Has the hair stuff gone out of date or is it ok to use?  Could I still have a really bad reaction?

2. Regrowth: Option one: Keep my hair this very light blonde for a while.. but would it work to instead of root re-touch to just gradually dye my hair a darker blonde until I get back to my natural colour?


Option two: Retouch a couple of times then use semi permanent dark blonde so that I can let my roots grow out but not have a huge dark/light root growth strip..

Any help/comments/suggestions?

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: April 12 2006 at 8:38am
This post is a bit confusing.  You say other than mini have never dyed your hair, but the rest of your post and the title implies that you are now platinum and trying to decide what to do to grow out the roots? 

If you want to use the stuff you bought, I'd patch test again just to be absolutely sure you won't react to it...with allergies you tend to get reactions to some things the second time you do it, not the first, so I'd do a third just to be sure....and even then, frankly, I'd still hesitate and consider another kind of product.  You don't want an allergy on your scalp.  Just for info, it could be a bit old now, but that shouldn't change what it does completely, it will likely just not work as well (I have a couple of shades of very old blonde dye and still use it for touch ups).  Be sure to strand test any blonde you use anyway to make sure it won't pull orange on your roots.  If your hair length is platinum you will have to be a bit careful when you dye that white hair, it will absorb the base colors in the dye and has a good chance to come out a funny color, so be sure to always test strand both parts of your hair first.

It really up to you how you want to grow out your roots, if you want to have all your hair dyed or go gradually. 

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Posted By: ThoughtCriminal
Date Posted: April 12 2006 at 4:15pm

Ah sorry yes I can see my post wa a bit confusing...

What I called question two was me thinking into the future.. I have a nasty habit of not just doing things without thinking about things in advance, therefore here I was wondering how such a drastic change would be managed..

One more question: How much of a reaction is a reaction?  Is even the tiniest feeling of anything enough to rule out me ever being able to dye my hair?

Posted By: Curly_Que
Date Posted: April 12 2006 at 4:48pm
Usually, when you're doing an allergy test it'll tingle very very slightly at first, then you shouldn't feel anything after that. If it still tingles, or if it gets worst after it dries, then definitely consider another product. It should feel exactly like putting straight peroxide on your skin; a bit of a cold tingling sensation, then nothing.

Posted By: ThoughtCriminal
Date Posted: April 12 2006 at 5:29pm

Oh right, so you are meant to feel something then?

When I did my test I put globs of it on my neck (couldn't trust one small patch because I'm paranoid).

After 5 minutes it tingled a bit.

After a while.. not sure how long.. but I mean like after an hour there wasn't really anything.

However, when I tested the same stuff in the summer more than that happened.. can you just get over an allergy that fast?

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: April 13 2006 at 7:22am
That's probably possible, but would be a bit unusual.  I think its more likely that whichever ingredient in it that triggered your allergy is now weaker or gone from age (since you had already opened it before and air was getting in).  I'd definitely test again, and test strand on your hair too to make sure it isn't so weak it doesn't just make your hair orange or anything.

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