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flatten stomach with Detox

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Topic: flatten stomach with Detox
Posted By: TanglesRC
Subject: flatten stomach with Detox
Date Posted: April 11 2006 at 6:30pm

hi- i am new to this board,  however i am very active on the extension board, anyway- i just tried this new vitamin called Detox, it works on getting rid of the junk that gets clogged in our intestine which can make our stomachs a bit puffy- you take it two times a day.

at first i thought oh yeah right, and i was also worried i would be pooping all day- well its not like that, i have been going pee alot but thats it and today i noticed my tummy was a bit less puffed- i train at the gym three days a week with a trainer, but my tummy is a bit mor then i want ( dont we always want to be thinnner??)

anyway- i got it at the health food store-


its made by Nu-Tek

anyway- good luck


Bringing beauty, one head at a time...

Posted By: BirdOfEden
Date Posted: May 07 2006 at 9:54am

Hey Tangles!

I recognized your name from the extensions board!  I'm just taking a break today in between taking my extensions out and dying my roots and putting my extensions back in, and popped into this forum to make a quick post!  Thought I'd say hi!

Posted By: taggi
Date Posted: May 16 2006 at 9:17pm
so what is in it?? is it sumthin like a water pill,cuz i have heard of those making yur stomach less puffy, and making u pee a lot. how much is the product?

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