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Date Posted: May 09 2006 at 9:00pm




Posted By: sarytyr
Date Posted: May 12 2006 at 1:19pm
Good or bad...just no personal slamming/flaming - re-read the forum guidelines/rules if in doubt.

Posted By: compulady5
Date Posted: May 27 2006 at 5:42pm
I went to the class Sunday in Lauderdale to learn how they work. I bought some; put them in yesterday. I bought 18-20". So far, so good!!

Date Posted: May 27 2006 at 8:39pm

Best of luck to you.  I personally think the method itself is great.  I mean, they are designed so that you can put them and take them out yourself.  Say you decide you do not like the positioning of one, you can remove it, provided they gave you the right solvent and you are careful to separate the extension you want to remove so the solvent does not affect the others.  Or if you want to add more, you can do that as well.  Being that I did not take a lesson, and am not even close to being a hairdresser, I was not able to. I had them put it by a hairdresser.  There is not too much info on them out there on them.

I must say having had extensions in the past, I took them out after two weeks.  The hair quality was not satisfactory in my opinion.  When I first got them, it was fine.  After some washing and conditioning (with the products they told me I had to use) and brushing (with the brush they told me I also had to use), they became unruly, unmanageable, definitely not tangle-free, felt like synthetic hair.  But that was just my experience.  I someone made them and used better quality hair, they would be great.
Hope they work out for you.   I would be curious what you think.  Please post again.

Posted By: compulady5
Date Posted: May 30 2006 at 6:00pm
No kidding?!? So your issues weren't with the attachment, it was the quality of how the hair held up over time.

I can tell you that after drying them, the hair does seem a little "frizzy". When wet, it's wavy as well. At night, I tie it up in a braid to help keep the hair from tangling.

When you said you had tangling, was that at the base of the root or down on the hair shaft?

Seems like the hair needs some additional styling products post hair dry to calm it down and give it that sleek and smooth look again-- but I noticed the same problem. The hair is Indian.

It's a shame you didn't give them more time on your head to see how they held up. Because they are so new, you're the first person I know of to do another review! :-(

I'm sorry they didn't work out for you.

Posted By: dolphingirl
Date Posted: July 07 2006 at 3:35pm
Hi. I have tried the Hotheads brand and I like them for reason 1# being that the hair is not too brassy! Finally a company that doesn't put out hair that is totally brassy unlike Hairlocs and many others!!! I also like them because the method is very safe and undamaging. I just wish that the hair was wavy. I am thinking about trying Xtendtress tape on extensions. Does anyone have any info about that brand??? Please let me know!!

Posted By: compulady5
Date Posted: February 21 2007 at 7:01pm
Ok, update on Hotheads... I'm not only reusing the hair, but I'm teaching classes and installing them on clients in a hair salon now. All seems well and I LOVE them. I wouldn't put them on ppl until I had a chance to use them and back them up... My mother is now a distributor in Georgia and South Carolina; I'm working on it in Florida. They are SO much better IMO for fine AND skinny hair due to the flat tapes/hair= no lumps.


Posted By: hairnut46
Date Posted: November 10 2007 at 11:15am

I am interested in finding out about classes for hot heads in Ga. or Fla. Can you tell me more?

Posted By: thinhairgirl
Date Posted: July 05 2008 at 1:12pm

how do we order hot heads?

is there anywhere in southern ca/la/oc area to buy or a salon to try ??

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: July 11 2008 at 7:18pm
I have use Hotheads in my salon and also on myself and I like the attachment method but the hair is crap.  It turns matty and frizzy after a few shampoos.
I could only leave my extensions is a few weeks also, since the hair was a frizz ball.
You may want to check out - .  It the same idea but better hair.

------------- - -

Posted By: dewhair
Date Posted: August 03 2008 at 11:45pm
Unfortunately after about a month ore so the Hot Heads start to draw up on your heads. They are definately a lower quality line. They are also more like wear and toss they are not reuseable for long term .  If you are looking for similar, good quality and long term go to   Star


Posted By: thinhairgirl
Date Posted: August 03 2008 at 11:55pm
hair addictions is fine however i need to have hair on top and front.  i have really thin hair not enough to cover anything on top.  isn't hot heads thin enough to be useable for the front and top of the hair?

Posted By: stylist70
Date Posted: November 02 2008 at 4:14pm
I am a hair stylist myself but had another fellow stylist put them in for me. I myself, did not have a great experience with them. They seemed very frizzy and difficult to style. I had them in for 1 week and they started to come out. I had to take them out myself w/ alcohol. They came right out w/ just a q-tip soaked in alcohol. I had a difficult time sleeping with them also, they seemed to pull my hair a lot. They pieces seem to be too wide and made it difficult to wear up. I felt like I could barely move them around, and definatley couldn't use a brush very well. The "extensions" hair brush is simply a 100% boars hair brush, which doesn't go through my texture of hair very well. I have fine hair. They didn't lay quite right and even when I used my $300 100% ceraminc flat iron, they still weren't smooth and silky. I reccomend "Hair Dreams" although they are applied differently (by a keratin bond). I have found them to be the best quality. All in all I spent about $200 for 12 pieces that lasted one week. So far, I am not a big fan of hot heads and will not be using them again.

Posted By: stylist70
Date Posted: November 02 2008 at 4:15pm
I spent a lot of time speaking to the company of hot heads. I have your same problem. They told me that they are not to be used in the bang area or the hairline. I would reccomend letting your hair grow a bit on top and then looking into "Hair dreams". You can call them to find a salon in your area.

Posted By: onefreebird
Date Posted: December 26 2008 at 11:51pm
Well I have them and wish I didn't. What they don't tell you is ....

In 2 weeks the quality of the hair is frizzy, dry and after using 5x the amount of "special conditioners" the hair does not get soft again without a ceramic Iron and lots of  "Skinny Serum" (amazing stuff paul mitchel)!
They tangle, mat, and look like I bought 5" of somebody's "split ends and frizzes".  In the first 2 weeks 4 pieces of my extensions fell out! They don't tell you that as your hair grows out..  the corners of the tape gets rough and the "strips of gluey tape" act as little "razor blades"! Actually cutting/sawing your hair off at the scalp.

I put them in for an extended vacation in the US, and by the 4 th week after I had them in ,   1/3 of my entire head of extensions fell/ pulled out,  they are NOT something you can easily fix yourself. The "tape, adhesive and solvent" to get them out and re position them, are proprietary and you can't buy them at any beauty salon or store. I am 4 weeks with my $$$$ Extentions and I am in TEXAS and I can't find ANY SALONS that even know what Hot Heads are! After searching HOURS on the net for someone that could Fix This Mess, I wound up here and decided to post so perhaps to keep someone else from being 4000 miles away from their Own Salon and looking and feeling like a molting goat!   They are not the "cutting edge" but the edges do cut (my hair)!


Posted By: Tiffhoney
Date Posted: December 27 2008 at 6:09pm
I'm wearing Hot heads now and haven't had any of the problems that the other posters have mentioned.  This is my eighth week wearing them, with a maintenance at the six week mark to have them rotated and moved back to the base of my scalp.

The hair is great, not top of the line but better than many of the other lines I've tried.  So much easier to sleep on than extensions using locks or fusion. And they brush out easily if you start from the ends and work up.  I also use their recommended brand of shampoo and balsam to keep it soft and shiny.
The color and texture match my hair beautifully and it's impossible for the average person to even know I'm wearing extensions.  I love them and can't imagine using another line now.

Posted By: XOXO
Date Posted: February 26 2009 at 1:23pm
I am a hairstylist since 2000.  I have been doing hair extensions for about 6 years.  I am certified Great Lengths and have tried many various companys and techniques.  As a professional stylist and hair extension specialist I am so thankful to Hotheads for creating an ingenious product!  Not only am I not slaving behind the chair for clients arent in the salon for hours either.  My clients love Hotheads and the stylists I work with that have never done extensions are able to add the additional service to their speciality, because it is so easy!  Hotheads is so gentle on the hair and scalp, they are so thin and comfortable!  There are so many different techniques to create highlights and lowlights so naturally its amazing!  The quality of the hair is excellent, and the best thing is there is no equiptment or contracts, I only paid $99.00 for my training, its unbelievable!  As I read some previous post of people not having a wonderful experience I knew I just had to comment.  Unfortunetly I believe that they have not had proper training or maitenence instructions, or it sounds like they are with other hair extension companies.  Either way its unfortunate they did not experience what a revolution Hotheads is today in the hair extension industry.  I would recommend this technique to any stylist and every client! yay hotheads! By the way you can contact them directly at 1-800-327-7971

Posted By: dewhair
Date Posted: February 26 2009 at 9:02pm
I am sorry to hear all the problems you are having with Hot Heads.  Unfortuneately I know the whole matting hair thing all to well. The concept  is great but the hair is horrible!.  I have been using Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions which hair quality is premium!  I have even permed the hair and turned out beautiful! For stylist the classes are free! They will fly to your salon no charge.  The hair last forever.  My clients dont put any leave in conditioner in their hair and it combs through like silk.  The people their are so easy  to work with they even sell half packs and quarter packs.  It's great! For you all that may be interested in the Hair Addictionz Hair Extensionz you can go to the website link removed  or call them directly their customer service it awesome.  Good Luck and Happy Hair!!

Posted By: dewhair
Date Posted: February 26 2009 at 9:10pm
Try Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions.  You'll love the quality of hair!


Posted By: XOXO
Date Posted: March 14 2009 at 3:04pm
Actually... Hair Addictionz ripped off Hotheads concept and at one point was actually purchasing their hair and reselling it.  The company Alan Thomas aka Hotheads has been involved in the hair replacement industry for over 20+ years and has great relation with the factories that manufacture their products.  The quality of Hotheads hair is unsurpassed, the blonde colors are actually originated from natural grey hair so there is no high lifting involved, the process is extremely slow and gentle.  Hotheads is 100% human remi-hair, designed with no returns. That means the cuticle is left on the hair and when hand placed on the adhesive strip the strands are individually layed in the same direction.  Hotheads are the only seamless method and all others are imposters.  In fact Hair Addictionz is extremely generic and only found in exceptionally lower end salons, because of the lack of hair quality, and meager system.  Hotheads hair extensions is a global company and will remain on top with the one and only revolutionary hair extension break through.

Posted By: Italianone
Date Posted: March 19 2009 at 5:45pm
Hi xoxo,
I have had hot heads hair extensions in now for about a month. I love them!! There is just one  draw back. One is being that the tape does not hold very well on the front area of my head ( around my face). They  came off about after a week of wearing them. The others on the rest of my head are on and I beleive will be there until I go back to the salon. Do you think maybe because its closest to the hairline? What do you think that I can do to prevent that? Other than that I love them and I have tried almost every hair extension method out there. This is the best one by far.
As far as the quality of the hair, its not the best out there, but it is very good quality hair to me. I am happy with the productThumbs%20Up

Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: April 18 2009 at 2:58am
I have used Hot Heads extensions on clients and on myself.  I liked the attachment, but the hair was terrible quality, just like most people have stated above.
I did try Hair Addictionz, and I like them much better.  They are more durable and the hair is much better quality.

------------- - -

Posted By: extensionist09
Date Posted: September 08 2009 at 8:27pm
I love the tape hair extensions. I have tried hot headz and some other brands and they were ok but I just found this ones from and they are great. The tape lasts a long time and the hair doesn't get frizzy or anything like that. It's worked the best for me so far and I don't plan on changing. Give them a try.  Embarrassed

Posted By: lusciouslox
Date Posted: February 05 2010 at 7:06am
what is the attachment like?


Posted By: uniique
Date Posted: May 04 2010 at 3:33pm
Myself personally I LOVE the extensions, the only bad things is the tape replacements arent sold to the public. I NEED to redo my hair ASAP! I have all my hair just have to retape n put back! please someone help.

Posted By: LADYANGEL23
Date Posted: July 09 2010 at 5:17pm
does anyone know where I can get the bonding tape for hothead extensions?  I am in Tampa Fl and also can't find any salons that do them

Posted By: sarahcolorado
Date Posted: October 30 2012 at 4:57pm
So, my profile pic is of the hair after 2 weeks (and after sending it back and having it "refurbished"). Totally struggling with Hot Heads Hair Extensions because as compared with the TEASE OR DLUX hair I've used on myself and clients for years (in salons in Montecito and Santa Barbara, CA), this hair does not meet or exceed expectations. It's 2x the $ of the other brands and the company absolutely refused (citing an endless and often goofy list of excuses)---very concerning. I'm a business person/ psychotherapist in my "real" life but have done hair for eons and feel I can see through bs.....don't recommend HOT HEADS but if you're interested in super high quality hair (don't know if I would've found Hot Heads sub-par had I not used really high quality hair (that didn't shrink and break) Look to the above brands. Literally my economist husband called me out on the hair being "nappy"---ick!

Posted By: sarahcolorado
Date Posted: October 30 2012 at 4:58pm
sorry, tried to attach a photo of the hair= no bueno. Bad hair, bad customer service....shame, shame HOT HEADS HAIR EXTENSIONS!!!!

Posted By: denisehold
Date Posted: November 29 2012 at 3:23pm
i haven't but it seems cool :)

Posted By: Savvy Sawyer
Date Posted: September 09 2014 at 8:16pm
I know that Fort Myers is a couple of hours away from Tampa but the salon I go to does the re-taping of the hot heads extensions. Xperia Hair & Spa, 239-567-9911...schedule an appt with Maribel. Hope this helps.

Rachelle :)

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