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Da Yung Vet

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Category: Hip Hop
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Printed Date: December 02 2023 at 2:00am

Topic: Da Yung Vet
Posted By: blackwallstreet
Subject: Da Yung Vet
Date Posted: May 26 2006 at 1:48pm

yea niggaz im back/yall thaught i was a bummer nah i jus had to go n cop a hummer, some keys, n mo heat then summer/sh*t aint change but my aim on da range im dun playin games/wen i wuz hear pmp wuz 5-0 im back n he still at 5-0/homey wen u gon stop beatin ya self off in da bathroom/we kno u all washed up but u still look dirty/yung vets here built strong c*cky n diesel/yall lil frames thats y yall cant get da picture that we takin shyt ova/ pmp aint no fight, i'll line him up like a barber or coke on a table/but im no barber so all i do iz make crack heads/wen i split here for a year u thought u wuz runnin shyt here/yea well im bak alone no fear if i have to/ya rhymes suck but u 5-0 but oh thats right u do suck good so i give u cred for good head/ya whole team weak n dead we gon burn em like wheat bread in tha toaster wit da shyt we keep in our holster/im so high i forget how it feel to be sober n i gotta look down to the sky/yung vets we here n niggaz gon get the best of this/we make heads turn like the exorcist jus come n test this team/i get money but no checks,banks, atms/im talkin bout next nigga i see run ya sh*t like a track meet or get dat ass beat/this jus da warm up/yung vets we grip up/ test this


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