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Went blonde and hate it =( how do i fix it?

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Topic: Went blonde and hate it =( how do i fix it?
Posted By: 222chik222
Subject: Went blonde and hate it =( how do i fix it?
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 12:37am
Ok so i decided to try the blonde thing, highlights of quite a pale blonde and i hate it...i really do. Apparently it doesnt look that bad, but i think it looks just yick (probably because its such a change). Hairdresser bleached it up then used a another kinda of golden colour to tone it down abit. Cant blame her because its what i wanted! Im just glad it wasnt all over blonde because i would have freaked!

My next question is which type of colour can i use to cover it (going to go dark brown because its safe lol).

Im thinking semis and demis will be out? so that leaves me with permanent colour. Will this do the trick?

Ta very muchly =)

Posted By: KellyH
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 9:52am
A demi might work......really. And it will be safer on your bleached hair.  But whichever you very careful! That blonde will grab like crazy! Pick a color a shade or 2 lighter than you want your end result to be.
Are you doing it yourself? If so, do a strand test and you might even want to consider using a filler to help the blonde grab evenly and consistently.


Posted By: 222chik222
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 6:24pm
Hi Kelly

Thanks for the reply :) what exactly is a filler? I have heard of having a conditioning treatment before colouring to ensure even application of the colour but havent heard of fillers?

Yeah i probably will do it myself, would prefer to be able to use a semi/demi permanent but its a mission choosing colours if youre buying off ebay and you dont have a colour chart lol

Do you think if i used a semi perm my natural colour it would "stain" the blonde strands enough? And then use another semi permanent (darker brown) over the top ?

Posted By: KellyH
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 6:52pm
Hmmmmm.....well, I have hosted a couple of color charts for the two demi's I have used. One is for Redken EQ, which I've only been able to buy on ebay. The second is for Clairol Complements, which I can get at Sally Beauty Supply. - -
As far as filler....I'm not sure where you can get it where you live. There's a product called "lock-in blonde" that I used. It's a protein product that has gold/orange/red tones to help your bleached hair hold color. I never could have gone darker from platinum without it! Once you bleach the pigment out of hair it either won't hold color OR it grabs too much. Protein fillers help you get an even application.
The thing about using a semi or demi is that it WILL fade, but I choose it over permanent. I'd rather re-do it once a month versus damage my already fragile (used to be) hair.
I don't really think you need a double process to take care of your issues.
JUST REMEMBER TO STAND TEST on the two different colors that will be affected!
I hope this helps!


Posted By: KellyH
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 7:06pm
What tone are your highlights? Can you tell if they are ash, neutral or gold?
I play a chemist to match my natural/new growth when I darken my previously platinum ends once a month that fade. I think I have a fair knowledge of the color chart.


Posted By: 222chik222
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 9:00pm
Theyre probably an ash/neutral colour even though the tone she put over looked a kind of pale apricot colour...def not golden and not a very nice looking blonde either lol

Posted By: KellyH
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 9:53pm
And your brown?


Posted By: 222chik222
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 10:29pm
would be a warm mid brown, well level 7 according to joico lol if you look at the redken swatches, in the neutral blonde brown column would be about the 4th one down. Do you know if you can mix the eq shades? id love a dark brown but would be cool if it had a very slight auburn tinge to it (maybe just when the sun hit it)

Posted By: KellyH
Date Posted: August 23 2006 at 9:12am
Yes, you can definitely mix them. I do it all the time. My natural color is about a 9 ash w/a little gold in it. You'd think neutral would do it, right? Nope. I have to mix 3 parts ash to 1 part gold.


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