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Freezing Food Guide

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Topic: Freezing Food Guide
Posted By: Bratty
Subject: Freezing Food Guide
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 4:02pm

I tend to buy stuff and stick it in the freezer and then never remember how long from the time I freeze it until I eat it.  I did learn to mark the outside of the packages with a black marker the date that I bought/first froze the items.  That does help.

However, I found this guide to freezing food and how long you should keep frozen food before pitching.  Hope it helps.
Food                            How Long It Can Be
                                    Safely Eaten After Freezing
Fruits                            Most fruits up to 12 months.
Veggies                        Up to 8 months for most vegetables.
Ground Hamburger       3-4 Months
Beef Roasts                  9-12 Months
Steaks                          10-12 Months
Lamb Roasts                 9-12 Months
Pork, Ham                     1-3 Months
Pork chops                    4-8 Months
Pork Roasts                   4-8 Months
Pork Sausage                1-3 Months
Veal                               Ranges from 8-9 Months
Cooked Meat                 3-6 Months
Casseroles                    3-6 Months
Chicken                         9-12 Months
Duck & Goose                6 Months
Turkey                           6-12 Months
Cooked Chicken            Ranges from 1-3 Months
Cooked Turkey              1-3 Months
Fish                               3-6 Months
Bread & yeast rolls        1-3 Months
Layer Cake                    2-4 Months
Unbaked Fruit Pies        8 Months
Ice Cream & sherbert    2-3 Months
When in doubt ask at the grocery store or check on the food packaging which often will list how long you can keep it frozen.
I have had a few bouts with food poisoning so I am always more conservative about eating things that I am concerned have been in the freezer too long.

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