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It Stays! Adhesive to secure a Wig, WORKS!!

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Topic: It Stays! Adhesive to secure a Wig, WORKS!!
Posted By: Aphrodiva
Subject: It Stays! Adhesive to secure a Wig, WORKS!!
Date Posted: September 11 2006 at 9:18am

Hi guys! Ok, after my search for teh most comfortable (and secure) way to secure a wig I will be trying many methods. Thanks to a couple of male fiends (new friends) I got many feedbacks on how get rid of the toupee clips and secure my wigs. I met 3 amazing Drag Queens, and they answered all my questions about wigs.

There are many reasons I can't wear those clips, and here are few:
Toupee clips are a BIG no for me, since 1. Pull your hair. 2.Can slide 3. can be painfull 4. You have that "I have a wig that any moment might fall, and people are noticing" feeeling. So I will follow this Divas advise and post the reviews for you here.
It Stays! Adhesive = This is a water soluble adhesive. But amazingly strong! It can be remove with just water.
So I put may hair on a wig can, leaving some hair in the front (around the head) out to cover the wig's edge. hen Apply the adhesive under the wig cap (at the edges, between the cap and the hair) to secure the wig cap as well, then apply adhesive on  TOP of the wig cap (around the edges) and that that line where you see the root of your hair once is under the cap
Then put on your wig, use a hair dryer to dry the glue a little or all. 
Let me tell you, that I went out with my friends for our once a month Girls Night Out, and this adhesive past the test. I dance all night! I forgot I was wearing a wig if how confortable it was!!  I got back home were my sweet Husband was waiting, and yes, it passed the SEX test.
My wig was secure! The best part I just jumped in he shower and removed it with a wet towell.
Did not have to go to bed with wet hair, since my real hair was under the wig, did not get that awfull cigarret smell you get after going to a club. I was able to wash my hair (and my wig) the next morning. And the Adhesive was all gone.
Next week I will try the ProFlex...after trying It Stays really don't think I need it.  But all for the experimentation factor.

Posted By: malibu
Date Posted: September 13 2006 at 3:51pm
Wow, that sounds great!! It Stays? I never heard of it. It comes off with water? Was there a lot of glue crap you had to get off the wig and your hair?

Posted By: malibu
Date Posted: September 13 2006 at 3:55pm -

Is this it? I'm intrigued!

Posted By: Aphrodiva
Date Posted: September 17 2006 at 7:34am
YES!! Is That....yes you have to remove the glue from hair and wig, but it's so simple.  Just wash them with water. I always put conditioner in my hair and wig after that. I am a freak when it comes to washing my hair with just water.LOL
But water will remove ALL residues of the glue.
I went out again with my WIG and tghis time I put a lot more IT Stays and used a hair dryer (just warm or cold air) to dry the glue...OH MY!! This thing is super!! IT really secured my wig.
I was considering testing securing the wig with ProFlex...but forget about it! I think I don't need that. I will still use IT STAYS, (plus ther is no damage in the hair at all)

Posted By: LovelyLisa
Date Posted: February 16 2007 at 7:27pm
Does it cause a shine through lace?

Posted By: Burning_Daylite
Date Posted: March 03 2007 at 9:46pm
Hi Aphrodiva,
I really respect the drag divas, to me they always look flawless, have the fine art of detail down to a beautific science, know how to look ultra feminine.  To me they usually have mastered that elusive art, we call FLAWLESS beauty and makeup.  However, I take the other side of the argument when it comes to LF, Wigs and the application of adhesive thereof.  For one thing those adhesive can be harsh to skin and brutual /messy to the lace front itself.  I would go one step further and secure the look for stability and looks with super tape adhesive and maybe add a little of the vapon adhesive or your fav glue at the tips (ends) of the super tape.  Also consider using tape in a color close to your skin, either a red or brown.   Tell  me what you think of this suggestion.
Sincerely Burning_Daylite

Posted By: Aphrodiva
Date Posted: May 01 2007 at 9:34am
I do not recomend you use it for LaceFront Wig...I use it for my monofilament wigs (they look so natural).
I leave some hair from my hair line out to blend hair ad cover the edges (los perfect!!) then apply the It Stay around the hairline of the hair that will be under the wig...It will hold hard for hours and hours!!!!!Amazing.

Posted By: mayeuxsherri
Date Posted: October 19 2007 at 1:42pm
Hi!  I read your post about It Stays.  I have been wanting to try that on wigs that my granddaughter has.  She suffers with trichotillomania (trich) and I've used different glues and tape which have been a nightmare!
I couldn't quite understand the areas you applied the It Stays adhesive to.  Were they areas that had some of you natural hair?  I find that Julie's wigs don't come down past any of her hairline areas.
I would appreciate any information you may have.
Thanks, SHERRI

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