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"hair etiquette"

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Topic: "hair etiquette"
Posted By: aznmitsugrl
Subject: "hair etiquette"
Date Posted: September 26 2006 at 4:02pm
ok, so I was just curious as to know if any of you who work in an office situation have an unspoken code when it comes to hair.  like at the financial institution i work for, there is the standard dress code, but i've noticed how we tend to wear our hair the same style everyday to work, but it's not how we would normally wear it out.
for example..
almost every day, i straighten my hair and wisp my bangs out and away from my face when i'm going to work.
other days, i throw in some mousse to my wet hair for the hard, curly, wet look, and straighten my bangs flat over my forehead and eyes.

ONE time, we were experiencing some severe weather, and there was no power at my house to dry or straighten my hair, so i went to work with it in my casual style, and had a few rude comments from clients.

so is there a right or wrong way to do hair for work?
(besides the obvious green mohawk or shaved, tattooed head)

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