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Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: 360 BATTLES - PLS READ
Date Posted: September 29 2006 at 12:43pm
Hey guys,

After reading all of your posts and listening to the feedback, here is all of the info on the new official battle system.

Battle System:
  • The battle system will be based upon a ladder system.
    • A ladder system is a form of competition where every team has a rank (1st, 2nd, etc) and the only way to gain a rank is to challenge the team above you for their place. 
    • If the team above you loses in a battle or does not accept your challenge, they take your rank and you take theirs.
    • If the team above you wins the battle, they are immune from further challenges by that time for 1 month.
    • Any team can challenge the team above them to a Battle for their spot.  The number 1 team can only respond to challenges and must defend their title.
    • A team can only challenge the team above them, the number 5 team cannot challenge the number 1 team.
  • A challenge can take place at any time.  Please post your challenges in the challenges subforum of the 360 Battle forum.  The team challenged will have to respond within 1 week or risk losing their position.  Any team member can accept the challenge for their team since they risk losing rank if they do not.
  • 1 picture for each member will be used in a team battle.  Please choose your best picture and email me an image or a link to your image that you would like to use in battles.  If your waves improve and you want to update it, simply email me an updated pic or link and I will use that one instead.

Team Rules:
  • A new team can be formed at any time - the captain needs to simply email me ( with the usernames of his 4 members (indicating which is the co-captain).
  • A new team will be placed at the bottom of the ladder and will need to challenge people above them to gain rank.
  • Each team must have 5 people: 1 captain, 1 co-captain, 3 other members.  No more, no less.  Since we will be putting people side by side, all teams must have the same number of people.
  • A team captain...
    • Is the only one with the power to add or remove people from his team (email me at to let me know).
    • Is the only one with the power to officially challenge another team for their ranking (please make a post in the challenges subforum).
  • A team co-captain will take a captain's place if he is out of town or cannot participate any more.

I will try to actively monitor the challenge boards so that I keep up with current challenges, but feel free to email me at to notify me of anything.

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