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From bleached blonde to brown

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Topic: From bleached blonde to brown
Posted By: abbyphelan
Subject: From bleached blonde to brown
Date Posted: October 05 2006 at 1:03pm
I bleached my hair light blonde a few months ago and now want to go to a more natural color, such as light brown. My natural haircolor at the roots is dark brown. I'm just getting tired of having to bleach my roots every month, it's tiresome and my hair is getting damaged. Plus, the blonde doesn't look that great on me. I would also like to grow my hair longer. Right now it's about chin length. Any suggestions on what haircolor product I should use on my bleached hair? Thanks!!!

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: October 05 2006 at 7:40pm
 I have TONS of advice because I just did this myself (kinda).
This can be Very tricky,and it may not look how you want it to when you're done. My hair wasnt bleached,it was just lifted with one of those "maximum lifting in one box" deals. And i have heard bleached hair is even harder to get to go darker.
I have also read Alot on this site that in order to go from blonde to brown,you have to go RED first. (I didnt do that at first,and it would have saved me alot of time and trouble!!!) You have to add color back to the hair,so you make the red a filler,and then put the brown over top.
Also,the haircolor may fade very quickly and you may have to color more then once.
(I had to do mine 3 times before it really stuck) You should use a demi (semi-permanate) whichs just adds color and doesnt take any away.
Please contact - before doing anything though~you can have a free hair color consultation with a specialist and they can help guide you.
Or,go talk to a hairstylist and ask their advice.
Best of luck to you~I hope it goes well!

Posted By: red legos
Date Posted: October 07 2006 at 2:34pm
I've done this myself, and believe me.. all I can say is go to a salon.
I tried doing it and it came out with spots of blonde and brown, streaks and it even looked kind of gray-ish. It looked horrible, simply because my hair wouldn't take the color. I just kept going over it with color until it took color, but then it was too dark for my liking.
I had my hair bleached for about 5 years or so before I tried that, now anytime I try something different I know I need to go to a salon. It's pricy, but it usually doesn't leave your hair a disaster.


Posted By: Foxyloxy
Date Posted: October 07 2006 at 2:57pm
I'd lowlight it and slowly go back to more of your natural color over time. As for the correct shade?? Just remember that the ends will grab the color. Test strand...

Linda :)

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 07 2006 at 4:06pm
Hi julesyjul88,
Well, I really really really hate red hair. So I'd like to avoid red tones on my hair if possible. I'm fine with golden tones. Ashy tones don't appeal to me either. What do you think of L'Oreal Feria haircolor? The box says haircolor will show more intense on bleached hair. I like #64, Golden Brown, not sure what that will turn out like though. Thank you for your advise!!! Smile

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 07 2006 at 4:10pm
Hi Red Legos,
What products did you use to color your hair back to brown? I don't have the money to go to a salon, I'm a jobless student, so I need to fix this myself. But, I wouldn't want to destroy my hair more than it already is. How much do salons charge for color correction?

Posted By: red legos
Date Posted: October 07 2006 at 4:27pm

Ahh, I'm not sure how much they charge for corrections, I'd assume more than just if you wanted a color change. Here in Missouri they charge about $50 and up ..but that also varies on your length of hair and the place that you go to.

I used Revlon Colorsilk to try and go to a Dark Blonde color, but when that color failed to give me the color I'd wanted, I went to a Medium Brown I believe? I just slapped one color over the next, which wasn't the best idea.


Posted By: KarenNJ
Date Posted: October 07 2006 at 4:41pm
Seriously... go to a salon, if you can.  There's a lot involved with dying bleached hair darker.

Though you don't want your hair to look at all red, if your hair has been bleached so light that you don't have red left, when you try to dye it to browm without adding red dye, your hair will end up green or purple (depending on how much yellow is currently in your hair).

Read Claude's Introduction to color "sticky" at the top of the forum.

And stay FAR away from Feria!

Strand test, strand test, strand test!

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: October 08 2006 at 4:26pm
 I really agree with KarenNj~ there are so many things that could go wrong...and bleached hair is stripped of all colors,so RED does have to be added back in.But this does not mean your hair will stay red. Look at my avatar,my hair is brown...but I had to dye red first and then put brown over top. But like I said,my hair wasnt bleached it was just a champagne blonde color. Bleached hair is much more porous and may not take color evenly.
If you use Feria over your bleached hair,it will turn out an almost circus like color and be VERY dramatic. I would definitely not use feria.
If you insist on not going to a salon,at least go to -   and get a free color consultation. They will tell you if going brown is possible and the steps to do it.

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 09 2006 at 1:55pm
Well, I got a dark golden blonde shade from Sally's and did a strand test, and the color came out golden brown. I liked the results. I don't know how to match my roots to that color though, since my natural color is dark brown at the roots. Does anyone have any ideas?

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 09 2006 at 2:02pm
Hi Karen...
Thanks, I read that post. What a great post! I have a lot of yellow and gold in my hair. Thankfully it didn't bleach all the way to pale yellow. So I hope there's a way to make it a nice shade of brown. Yeah, I thought about it and permanent haircolor isn't the best for my hair right now, So I will try a demi-permanent color.

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 09 2006 at 2:14pm
Hi julesyjul88,
I spoke to two clairol consultants and they told me they can only get me to a medium brown with LOTS of red. I'm not sure why they recommended permanent haircolor?! They both said to use Nice n' Easy. I used that product a long time ago and didn't like it. Clairol has better products, like Hydrience... Anyway they said they could take me close to my natural color, but that's not what I want. Oh well. I'm experimenting, with strand tests of course, before I do anything on my head. 

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: October 09 2006 at 3:16pm
 Well,probably the best thing to do is go permante and then put a demi over top (which is what i did) Of course not in the same day,wait a couple or maybe a week.
You mentioned in your first post you wanted light brown hair.Did you tell that to clairol? Light brown is easier to get to then medium brown.Of course the medium brown may always fade to light brown.
They told me to use nice and easy too.Believe it or not alot of salons actually use nice and easy.I think because it is gentle.
I really like natural instincts by clairol (it's a demi) it comes in a variety of nice colors and always makes my hair so shiney.
Let us know what you do and how it goes!

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 11 2006 at 2:54pm
OK!!! I sort of fixed my hair. But I'm starting to see too much red, and don't like that. Maybe I'm just imagining it because I'm so paranoid about red hair, LOL!! I used Clairol Complements in Dark Golden Blonde (6g) permanent haircolor from Sally's. My hair looks one even color from roots to ends which is a good thing. Luckily I did not get any funky colors... But how do I get rid of the red? I'd like the color a lot more if there was less red in it. Some gold shows up too, but the red dominates. I will appreciate any suggestions on how to get rid of the red!! Also, what's a good shampoo/conditioner I can use to maintain brown hair? Thanks!!! 

Posted By: sumreyn
Date Posted: October 11 2006 at 5:27pm
I did this a few weeks ago and I also hate red in my hair and it always seems to come up with some red.  this is  what  worked for me I  used a hair color with a neutral base (no gold) and I added a small amount (1/4 inch strip) of a blue color cream that helps get rid of red.  I was told to use an ash color but I won't do it because I do not want my hair to come out ash.  I have also been using so soft butter to deep condition my hair which really seems to help the color look better.  I hope this helps!!

Posted By: Foxyloxy
Date Posted: October 12 2006 at 12:06am
I'd try this, but that is just me.....all you want to change is the tone....right? Just alittle hue change? Go to Salleys and get ion's lightest light blonde neutral or natural---no gold or ash or red.....just neutral.  Then mix it like this 2 parts of the lightest light blonde with a cap full of 20 volume developer and a bunch of cholestral deep condtioner to thicken it up.
 You need the developer to allow oxidation to occur and the condtioner tones down the strength of the developer. Leave on for 15-20 mins.  Pull through the ends the last 5-10 mins. But make sure your ends have been conditioned really good. Lightly mist them with a spray on conditioner, so it doesn't grab. Someone has recommended making a new batch of color for the ends and replacing part of the color ---like 25 % of it with a clear gloss, as to lessen the harshness of the color on porous ends.
You don't have to use ion, I have gone into walmart and purchased the cheapest color they had and done this.
Remember not much more than a cap to a cap and a half because you only want tone and no lift and with the blonde being so light it is not going to really deposit a dark color....just tone.
Test strand....don't sue me if you don't like it .....just my humble opinion.

Linda :)

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 12 2006 at 11:20am
HI Sumerr...
When you say a blue color cream do you mean a color intensifier? Using a neutral base color makes sense. Maybe I got lots of red because I used a gold base. I'm going to wait a week before I put more haircolor on though. My hair is feeling very dry. I may need a trim!

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 12 2006 at 11:27am
Hey foxyloxy,
How much color do you mix with the developer? I'm not sure what you mean by "2 parts" of the color. Do you mean 2 ounces? Also, the lightest light blonde will not lighten my hair back to blonde, right? I wonder if I could use the color alone mixed with conditioner and no developer. Have you tried this? My ends are very porous right now, maybe they will grab the color? Your idea is great!! Thanks!! 

Posted By: Foxyloxy
Date Posted: October 12 2006 at 1:23pm
YOu need a cap full of developer for oxidation to occur and the color to hold. No the lightest blonde will not blonde without the developer---the full strength that is. It just kinda stains the hair--tones. The developer is what causes the hair to lift. Without much lift, you get tone, so if it is the lightest blonde, as I have used many times, I only get a toned version if it on top of whatever my haircolor is. Your porous ends will grab, but should fade in time....someone said as fast as it grabs is as fast as it lets it go....or something like that. Yes if the color says 2 oz. of color to 2 oz. of developer  that is 2 :2 ratio I believe--if I am wrong someone with more knowlegde please correct me. But see I lessen the amt. of developer used and add conditioner in it's place.
One thing though, I do strand test everything I do on the nape hair...just a little section...everything from the color to the bleaching to the toning and then hound my poor husband for his professional go to the brightest room of the house with my mirror to see the hues that are coming off...and I may do one piece on one side one way and different on the other , so that I know what I am getting into .....but watch your know when you go swimming you are suppose to wet your hair before getting into the chlorinated pool, so it doesn't turn green, well that is the same idea of treating your porous ends before application of whatever color and so forth.....

Linda :)

Posted By: sumreyn
Date Posted: October 12 2006 at 6:35pm

The first time I added color back to my hair I used a perm color the first time and then after that to tone it down and maintain it  I,ve been using  semi perm to minimize damage.  Yes it is the color intensifier (i think it is in the complements line) but only use a very small amount.  I would get a color a shade or 2 lighter than you want your hair to end up I used a dark color and my hair soaked it up it is just starting to lighten to where I want it now and I colored it a few weeks ago.  I would condition it a few times before you color it again I love the redkin so soft butter cream!! it has worked wonders on my hair.  Hope this helps I am not a colorist but I always color my own hair, this is also what a friend of mine recommended (she is a colorist)

Hope it turns out well

Posted By: abbyphelan
Date Posted: October 19 2006 at 7:14am
Hi Sumerr,
I am currently deep conditioning my hair with Redken Extreme. It's actually fixing my damaged hair. I love this stuff, especially the Fuel... Next week I am planning to recolor my ends with a semipermanent, to get rid of the brassiness. I'm thinking of trying out a neutral base, and add a little bit of the blue. Hopefully it won't come out too dark!

Posted By: sumreyn
Date Posted: October 19 2006 at 10:33am

Mine came out to dark the last time I did it I would go a shade or 2 lighter and be sure you only add a very small amount of the blue.  I wil have to try the redken extreme.  I have been using a chi iron and my hair at the ends is getting very dry and starting to break.  I like the chi but it gets so dang hot!  Keep me updated on how your hair turns out.


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