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medium hair/long bangs HELP (im a guy)

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Topic: medium hair/long bangs HELP (im a guy)
Posted By: tadpolethecreep
Subject: medium hair/long bangs HELP (im a guy)
Date Posted: December 31 2006 at 9:53pm

Tonguei need to change it up a little so heres some pics the one on top is me and the one on the bottom is how i want my hair, i need to know how to get my hair like that, so if u could help me out id appreciate it.



Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: January 12 2007 at 7:01am
If I had to guess, I'd say your hair was 1a? (I'm talking about the - hair typing system )  His looks more like 1b, so it may have a little more natural volume and it may be easier for his hair to do this than yours, but you can try it. 

I can't tell if your hair is layered on top, but you'd need the top to have some shorter layers like you see on his.  Don't get any cut off of the length though, your length is perfect - so if you have it cut at a salon you'll need to be very specific about not wanting any off the length to make sure it doesn't end up too short.  To get it to have volume like that, put some gel in it, especially on the roots and blow dry it hanging your head upside down to help it stick up some.   After its dry, brush it out, but try to brush only the length of it, not the root area to keep that area hard so it stays standing up a little.  Then comb it forward and pick at it (pull up the top pieces) to give it a messy look.    I'm not guaranteeing thats going to work if your hair type is 1a, yours may just not want to keep any volume, but you can try it and practice and see what you get to work. 

The general idea is always the same, goop it up with gel, brush it out after its dry, then move it where you want it.  You can finish with a coat of hairspray if necessary to keep it in place, but make sure you do a light coat (spray a foot from your head, not too close) so it doesn't get too hard to move and doesn't look wet. 

Making metal barettes/concord clips hair safe, long hair style how to:

Posted By: tadpolethecreep
Date Posted: January 13 2007 at 5:50pm
my hair is layered, and i think its 1b


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