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when the cat's away!!

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Topic: when the cat's away!!
Posted By: femmemuscle
Subject: when the cat's away!!
Date Posted: January 04 2007 at 10:44am
i have been working per diem for a surgery center in between school semesters..I worked with an associate who really did a great job on keeping a tight reign on scheduling, the nurses, very business-like and professional, an older woman with lots of management exp.
apparently, she's out with an injury..I came back to work per diem after my 2nd semester in college and all hell broke loose..Two younger people have taken over, and i must say, when i came back from vacation, i was "lit into" by this young nurse,  apparently they "prefer someone who shows up more regularly".
when i was pulled into a meeting with the manager to discuss this situation - the new manager said:
"I know this is per diem, but We're accommodating YOU to work for us because of school..YOU should be accommodating US..we're bending over backwards to make you happy, and here you are irritated because someone approached you in an "unprofessional manner"? i think it's best that we not use you anymore, and use the techs who've been here on a regular basis.."
I had just saved their butts, the day before...their "regular tech" - no-showed on them...

some days, it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.

Posted By: ilovemyself
Date Posted: March 07 2007 at 4:02am
Yeah funny you should mention nurses the college i am at has all these posters to do with nurses . I tried to become a nurse once but was view unsuitable due to a physical problem .
its a lot harder than it looks and if your a student nurse training in scotland may i say good luck
men are just as good as woman

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