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curly hair loosing its curl

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Topic: curly hair loosing its curl
Posted By: tikatoy
Subject: curly hair loosing its curl
Date Posted: January 20 2007 at 11:48am
Hi, I have curly or had very curly hair, yes natural... now that I'm getting older it seems I'm loosing my curl and its now inbetween curl and wave and I want my tight springy curls back.  do you think a soft perm would do the trick?

Posted By: hairbraider
Date Posted: January 22 2007 at 3:34pm

It may be related to hormones.  Many people's hair texture changes during puberty, pregnancy, etc.  How long is your hair?  How tight was your natural curl?  A perm may be tighter curls than what you had.  Also, a perm won't look as natural because it's all the same size, not like nature who makes every curl unique. 

Be aware that perming makes your hair more fragile and dries it out (something that natural curly hair has trouble with anyway).
p.s. you would probably get more responses by posting in the curly hair section

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Posted By: hmoney829
Date Posted: May 17 2007 at 6:36pm
I had the curliest hair when I was younger and now the only way it does any kind of wave is when I wet it and put it up in a bun. I've tried asking my cousin, a hair stylist, to perm my hair but she refuses and says it won't be the same and it'll be a B to maintain compared to the hair I have now.

I'd be interested if anyone has any suggestions as well.

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