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What makes hair to turn green?

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Topic: What makes hair to turn green?
Posted By: Damiana
Subject: What makes hair to turn green?
Date Posted: June 15 2001 at 7:22pm
Just wondering :) I`ve heard a lot of terrible stories about color disasters. Does hair contain green pigment and what makes it to come out?

Posted By: phil
Date Posted: June 16 2001 at 10:16am
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A few years ago in Camelford, Cornwall, England an industrial plant accidentally tipped a load of copper sulfate into the town`s drinking water. Apparently "green-haired" grannies were a common sight for months afterward, along with much of the rest of the population! But there is a sad postcript; Alzheimer`s disease is now rife there.


Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: June 18 2001 at 8:55pm
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Damiana originally wrote:
Just wondering :) I've heard a lot of terrible stories about color disasters. Does hair contain green pigment and what makes it to come out?

Green hair is a common occurrance in the summer for many blondes that swim in chlorinated water without caps or special precautions. The chemicals in the water (and yes copper has a major impact in some cases) will react with the chemicals in the hair to cause a reaction and thus green hair.

However, swimming pools are not the only problem. As Phil so wisely shared, chemicals in drinking water may cause all sorts of problems and can sometimes cause green hair as a result. The green hues are most often visible in light colored hair.

Well water can also be a problem and this is also due to chemicals in the water.

Finally, incorrect hair color can sometimes cause green. A close friend of mine currently has blonde hair with a faint green tint from selecting the wrong shade of hair color. She used a Garnier shade that turned green on her already blonde hair.

What takes the green out? First it is best to prevent it if possible. When swimming it is best to either wear a cap (yes I know..yucky) or use a good leave in conditioner to block chemical absorption. Also, wet your hair right before you get in the water (chemicals have a harder time being absorbed by wet hair) and right after (to rinse the residue).

Color shampoo will neutralize the green in many cases. In bad cases, tomatoe juice rinses will help to neutralize the green.

With well water, use a water purifier or bottle water to shampoo.

If all else fails, go see a stylist to get a professional resolution.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or drives you totally insane. :-)

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