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Red coloring came out too dark

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Topic: Red coloring came out too dark
Posted By: marzipan13
Subject: Red coloring came out too dark
Date Posted: March 07 2007 at 11:52pm
Over the past couple years, I've had a lot of different colors... I'm now trying to achieve a deep, rich blood red that has a little wine hue... no orangy or too dark brown.

A couple years ago, I had dark burgundy hair. I decided I wanted to go blonde and the stylist I went to really screwed it up. She ended up bleaching my hair by putting foils all over my head. The color was streaking with burgundy, orange, medium blonde, light blonde, and white!!!! I ended up going back a month or so later to get more partial foils done so that my hair would look more natural. A year later, I decided I couldn't take the blonde anymore... it was too damaging to my hair and I was tired of the streaks everywhere.
It was then that I went to a different salon. I told the girl I wanted a light brown with a little blonde highlights. My hair turned out a murky grey with more white streaks! It was terrible. I was tempted to shave my head!
A few days later, I went to a different salon to have color correction done. Luckily, this lady knew her stuff. She got my hair back to a normal light brown (my natural hair color).
A month later, I went back to her and said I wanted my hair to be auburn. The red didn't take that much, but it still looked good, plus my hair was softer and less damaged.
I couple months later after that, I picked up some clairol deposit-only coloring at sally beauty supply and did it myself... it was supposed to be a cherry red, but it only added a little red to my hair which washed out eventually. I did this process every couple months until yesterday... I decided I was tired of the red not taking and washing away.
I picked up ION color brilliance 'light burgundy brown' 5RV-5.5, permanent hair color. I used level 10 developer. My hair turned out okay, not bad but not exactly what I wanted.
About 2 inches of the roots turned out a medium red-burgundy but some of the ends turned out dark brown-red (almost black) and some sections didn't take the red that much but turned out a medium brown.
Should I have used a level 20 developer??

What I would like help on is how to achieve the red I really want!!

I think Loreal Paris Feria line has some nice colors.
"Cardinal" - Rich Auburn - 67
"Brilliant Bourdeax" - Auburn Brown - 56
"Cinnamon" - Bright Auburn Brown - 55
"Sunset Blaze" - Bright Auburn - 77
"Ruby Fusion" - Very Rich Auburn - 66

But I don't want to do anything else until I'm sure it'll work.

Any advice on how to achieve these colors on my hair? Should I colorfix? Use protein filler?


Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 7:10am
The reason your ends are darker is because your length is more porous and absorbed more of the darker tones in the color...and also your root area is closer to your head, so the developer may have gone lighter there.  To avoid this in the future, maybe doing your length near the end of the time so it doesn't process very long would help.

I am not a pro and cannot tell you how to acheive the exact color you want, I would suggest you test strand though, because when going red I have test stranded both black and purple when trying to go bright red, and am glad my whole head didn't go that bad!  And you should test strand for different timing too, since it will probably work better to do your length for not very long, you would be better off experimenting with the times.

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