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Anotha one

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Category: Hip Hop
Forum Name: Hip Hop - You Against Me - Battle Forum
Forum Description: Spit Your Flow
Printed Date: August 18 2022 at 12:19pm

Topic: Anotha one
Posted By: Sleepy B
Subject: Anotha one
Date Posted: May 02 2007 at 6:34pm
Rate my flow.
How many times I gotta tell u n*gg*z 2 get back,

Cuz a n*gga like me wonít hesitate 2 show da mac,

Any n*gga out there dats hatin on me,

Can save time dig a grave and lay in it instantly,

I play everything 2 da left but fiends call me Mr. Right,

Cuz I give em what dey need from early day 2 late night,

Dey b like damn dis boy hot and his flow is tight,

#1 believe me son u canít go wrong wit mister right,

The k will spray, and make a rainy day in May,

Fa any b*tch n*gga dat say, Hollow aint about his pay,

I donít play b*tch so I shouldnít b played wit,

Iíll grab the startin gun and shoot and c how fast u run away b*tch,

Dats right iím da sh*t gettin rich,

Got everybody girl in the world suckin d*ck,

N*gg*z hatin now and dey can hate 4 plenty mo dayz,

Cuz iím a always b f*ckin da rap game sidewayz,

Danger danger, gangster gangster,

Iím da n*gga thatíll shoot ya or shank ya shank ya,

Violence is the answer 2 da problems of life,

1 snitchin ass n*gga plus the point of a knife,

equals 1 fake n*gga layin on da the sidewalk,

wit a hole in his throat so his ass canít talk,

snake ass n*ggaz get snaked fast n****,

dem hands keep comin aint no brake pads n*gga,

U aint know iím a beast, so yall boyz betta run,

Whats dat sh*t u reachin 4 n*gga I know dat aint a gun,

Big mistake b*tch ya f**kin wit da big boyz,

Young but older than some so I play wit da big toyz,

Datís da .45, Desert Eagle, Shotgun sawnoff,

Thatíll separate ya from ya head witout it bein sawn off,

Now who want it wit da n*gga Iím a creature,

Iíll let off a clip and let dem hollow tips eat ya.

Posted By: Chi-Town_Boy
Date Posted: May 02 2007 at 7:00pm
u go hard my nig

Making A Big Comeback New Pics Coming Soon

Posted By: Sleepy B
Date Posted: May 02 2007 at 7:02pm
Yea i'm tryin 2 get somethin goin in dis forum


Posted By: BIG-
Date Posted: May 03 2007 at 6:21am
dats go hard.  i see u

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