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AI's Randy Jackson - Predicted Curly Haired Winner

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Topic: AI's Randy Jackson - Predicted Curly Haired Winner
Posted By: Karen Shelton
Subject: AI's Randy Jackson - Predicted Curly Haired Winner
Date Posted: May 27 2007 at 8:41am

Did American Idol's Randy Jackson Predict Or Help Create The American Idol Winner? - - Usually, it’s Simon Cowell that is known for his uncanny ability to predict the winner of American Idol, but American Idol 6 proved to be the year of the dawg.  Randy Jackson deserves credit for apparently calling this season of American Idol before it even began. 

In an interview with,,20006550,00.html - Entertainment Weekly , Randy Jackson predicted the winner would be “someone with curly hair.”  Of course, Randy Jackson proved to be correct as Jordin Sparks has curly hair. 

One other interesting point that many are making on various American Idol message boards is that Randy Jackson seemed to strongly favor Jordin Sparks throughout the competition.  Every week, it seemed like Randy Jackson reminded viewers that Jordin Sparks was a great singer and that she was only seventeen years old. 

After - Jordin Sparks sang “You Will Never Walk Alone,” Randy Jackson said “I think that’s one of the best vocals by any contestant ever on this show, ever in six seasons, and it’s from someone that’s seventeen years old.”  After Jordin Sparks sang “This Is My Now” on the final performance show, Randy Jackson said “You were the best singer tonight.  You deserve it all, baby.”

If someone visits the web archive of - , they will also find a picture of Jordin Sparks posed with Randy Jackson backstage at American Idol in 2004.  Did Randy Jackson forge a secret alliance three years ago with Jordin Sparks to help her win American Idol 6?  Not likely, unless Simon Cowell was in on it, because he also appears posed in a picture with Jordin Sparks.

So did Randy Jackson just get lucky in his prediction?  Or did he help make his prediction come true by his praise of Jordin Sparks throughout the competition?  One could certainly craft a good conspiracy theory from the three year old pictures of Randy Jackson and Jordin Sparks together, but we think Simon Cowell proved last year that the judges don’t have that much power in deciding who wins.  Their praise or criticism can certainly influence the vote to some degree, but ultimately America picks who they want to pick.  We’re going to give Randy Jackson the benefit of the doubt and say he just proved to be a really good judge of talent this year.  Good job, dawg!


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