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Leslie Mann - Curly Girl Or Not?

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Topic: Leslie Mann - Curly Girl Or Not?
Posted By: carrie
Subject: Leslie Mann - Curly Girl Or Not?
Date Posted: June 28 2007 at 7:28pm
Leslie Mann co-stars in Knocked Up as the sister of the girl who gets knocked up (Katherine Heigl).  A few times in the film she wears her hair in a way that would indicate she has naturally curly hair.
On the Red Carpet she also wears her hair sometimes in such a way that it might be naturally curly.
What do you all think?
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Posted By: beachbum88
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 1:02pm
I think that her hair is naturally curly. She is so lucky to have such gorgeous hair!

Posted By: jennykang
Date Posted: October 21 2010 at 10:13pm
i think she is not straight

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Posted By: jinie
Date Posted: February 11 2011 at 3:49am
Leslie definitely is naturally curly.  A lot of celebs are showing off their natural curly hair now.

Short curly hair hairstyles look hot and vivacious and at the same time super glamorous on celebs.

Popular short curly hairstyles for celebs are curly bob, curly pixie, and short with ringlets, shaggy curls, spring curls and afro.

If you want to copy current curly hair celeb hairstyles you can use different styling tools like curling iron and crimping iron to create curls and waves on your hair. You could also use different hair products to set and hold your short curly hairstyle.

However these procedures can harm and damage your hair; so do everything in moderation. Plus also moisturize and condition your hair to

Life is such that we always want what we canít have. It is often the case that those with naturally curly # - - - and those with straight hair # - - wish that they had curly hair. If we look at a celebrity wearing a curly hair style, # - - - then we also wish to get that curly hairstyle. # - - - Curly Hair Styles Tips

Those with curly long hair can clip it back, or a pony tail behind the head also looks good on curly hair. What are your choices though if you have straight hair and would like curly hair? With all the products on the market today this is relatively easy.

1. If you want very light wavy curls then sleeping with your hair in braids will give it that extra bit of kink in the morning.

2. If you would like a more permanent style then you can of course have a perm. The number of perms available is wind ranging, depending on the types of curls you want.

3. You can opt for light curls or tight cork screw curls.

4. Curling irons are the perfect solution if you have very straight hair and want curly hair and ringlets.

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