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Wave Nouveau

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Topic: Wave Nouveau
Posted By: Stargurl18
Subject: Wave Nouveau
Date Posted: July 02 2007 at 1:34am

For starters I am 15 going on 16. I've had the wave nouveau since I was 13 and have yet to figure out how to really take care of it. Wave Nouveau is so different from any other hair styles I see most african american teens wearing now a I CAN NOT ask my peers about it. So I'm asking you, being older and wiser woman. How do you where your hair? How do you take care of it? How do you comb and brush it? Thank you in advanced ladies :)


Posted By: Stargurl18
Date Posted: July 07 2007 at 9:30pm

Posted By: runwaydream
Date Posted: August 26 2007 at 6:25pm
ive had the wave nouveau since i was 17, now im 20 and i STILL havent fully learned how to take care of it but im learning. u shouldnt comb it alot. if u do, do it w. a wide tooth comb. but other than that finger comb it. dont brush it. i just started using hawaain silk for my hair cause for a long time ive been looking for a product that will leave my hair nice but wont make it too greasy. i always leave a plastic cap on it tho. well i hope this is good enough for now. bye :-)

black is beautiful

Posted By: TheCurlyOne
Date Posted: July 02 2010 at 10:25am
Hi SG,
This is going to be long winded, so get ready :) Please read all the way through before you buy/do anything :)
I am an african american woman in my 40's and have had the wave nouveau since the late 80's (off and on). I get it redone every 5-6 months. I LOVE IT!!! My hair appears naturally curly. Naturally curly people are always asking me what products I put in my hair. So, with that said...
- search online for curly hair styles you like. Again... just search on the Internet for curly hairstyles you like. print and TAKE PICTURE TO HAIR SALON  so when your sytlist does your hair, you can show her exactly how you want it to look. When I was younger, I use to wear my hair long, full-out curly like dianna ross (but mine looked better-for real). Now, I wear it shorter, cute style like NAOMI SIMS (recently deceaced, former afr amer model) when she wore it short (google her name and click on images to find the short-hairstyle).         
- If you like the stylist who has been doing your wave nouveau--great, if not; find a new stylist who's been doing wave nouveaus for at least 10 years (if not more). Believe me, I have not had the same stylist over the past 2 decades (moving from another state and such). Call around to hair salons where your mom can drive you (where it's not inconvenient for her) and nice place you think you would enjoy to be for a few hours. Ask salon if there is a stylist there who does wn. If yes, speak with her and pretty much interview her...ask her how long she's been doing it, has she worked with sensitive heads, does she pay close attention to her clients when giving wn (as you know, wn are very precise), etc... Go there and visit the salon. Do this for several salons until you get a good vibe from stylist, the salon, etc... that's your spot.
- BUY these wave nouveau products (and other products) to maintain your wave nouveau. All of these products will last over a year (except shampoo & conditioner):
Wave Nouveau Coffure Daily Humectant; 
Wave Nouveau Coffure Moisturizing Mist;
Wave Nouveau Coffure Moisturizing Lotion;
DEEP CONDITIONER:KeraCare Humecto Crème Conditioner (5lb bucket type from - -  you'll have to call to place order because they no longer sell it online (this is the only place I've found it for inexpensive price). You'll use this to deep condition your hair once a month or less. This deep conditioner will last well over a year);  
DEEP CONDITIONER:Mastex  Thermal Heat Cap (from - )  do not get the gold n hot cap; 
SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: Tresemme Flawless Curls Curl Moisturizing Professional Formula B1 (very inexpensive from walgreens, rite aid, etc..) or use any shampoo & conditioner you've been using that you like.
NIGHT TIME SLEEPING: Satin bonnet (you can buy from cvs, drug store type of places). Do not wear scraf, do not wear some other night-time hair covering...wear a satin bonnet. Watch, you'll see the different it makes in simply fluffing your in morning and you're done.  
- When you schedule your hair appointment. Schedule it on a Friday after school when you do not have any other activities on Friday or that entire weekend. You will be load your hair down with the wave nouveau products the day of getting your wave nouveau, the next day and the next day...AND THAT'S IT!!! YOUR FREE! 
- DO NOT shampoo hair for 48 hours after receiving wave nouveau. This may compromise longevity of the result. 
- Again, when you first get the wave nouveau, do so on the weekend or Friday after school and do not have any plans to go anywhere special. You do have to put lots of product on your hair for the first few days, after that you shouldn't have to use anything other that occasional or daily rubbing in the Wave Nouveau Coffure Daily Humectant in your hair. 
- Once you leave salon, go home and:
FIRST put in the Wave Nouveau Coffure Moisturizing Lotion rub and scrunch in your hair (where it's sort of jerri curl-ish, but not too drippy...sorry you'll just need to do this for to days); 
THEN spray in Wave Nouveau Coffure Moisturizing Mist rub and scrunch in your hair (where it's sort of jerri curl-ish, but not too drippy);
THEN put in the Wave Nouveau Coffure Daily Humectant rub and scrunch in your hair (by this point, it will look jerri curl-ish)
Okay-scrunch, scrunch, scrunch....
THEN scrunch your hair all over with a towel to remove, chill at home, do some homework, read, organize your room, clean, etc... because right now you'll look a little jerri-curl-ish, not very natural. Do this for Friday, Saturday & Sunday morn. If you have somewhere to go, do it much earlier than the time you have to leave so your hair will not look so jerri curl-ish.  
WHEN IT'S TIME FOR BED: put on your satin bonnet...nothing hair products...nothing else, but your bonnet. 
**WAKE-UP IN THE MORNING: take off your bonnet; fluff your hair out with your hands in a scrunch-like hand grip to pull out flatten curls; put some Wave Nouveau Coffure Daily Humectant in your hands and swipe through your hair for sheen....YOU'R DONE, now go and be beautiful!!! Okay-I'm sure you were beautiful to begin with, but you know what I mean :)
**However, during the 2 days when you've just received wave nouveau, you'll need to saturate your hair will hair product in morning as in instructions above. After the 2 days, just wake-up, take off bonnet, fluff and swipe with humectant.    
Now, once a month (that's when I wash/cond/deep condition) when you wash/cond/deep condition your hair (or whenever you feel a need to wash/condition/deep cond your hair), do the following:
- WASH & CONDITION HAIR as usual. Rinse conditioner out and towel dry.  
- NEXT, DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR. Slatter your hair with the KeraCare Humecto Crème Conditioner; comb through hair from front to back; put plastic hair bag (ones used for jerri curl-they're sold in the bunch at beauty supply stores)
- NEXT put on Mastex  Thermal Heat Cap (there's a colored plastic shower-type cap that comes with it to put under the thermal cap, put that on first, then the thermal cap). Sit for 20-30 minutes. REMOVE and RINSE OUT KeraCare Humecto Crème Conditioner  in the shower. THE DEEP CONDITIONER IS THE KEY IN MAINTAINING LOOK.
Put in the wave nouveau products the same way you've done the first time you got wave nouveau, scrunch in: 1) Wave Nouveau Coffure Moisturizing Lotion 2) Wave Nouveau Coffure Moisturizing Mist 3) Wave Nouveau Coffure Daily Humectant 4) towel scrunch hair to remove excess. DONE until next month when you wash/cond/deep cond hair.
EACH NIGHT put on BONNET; WAKE-UP fluff hair up to pull out flatten curls; put Wave Nouveau Coffure Daily Humectant in your hands and swipe through your hair....DONE.
It reads like alot, but it's not...for an entire month, you're just putting on a bonnet, fluffy your hair, putting on daily humectant for light sheen (or not - you can judge which mornings to use humectant). 
You're doing the other stuff when you first get wn and when you wash your hair once a month.
GOOD LUCK and I hope that helps you!!!

Posted By: TheCurlyOne
Date Posted: July 02 2010 at 10:28am
I've just noticed you posted that in 2007. I just joined today July 2010 and saw your post. Sorry, I'm 3 years late, hope it helps someone else :)

Posted By: iDiamondDiva
Date Posted: November 03 2010 at 10:09pm
I use WN as a moisturizer, that's all. I wear protective styles on my hair 99% of the time, like buns, braidouts, rollersets, and braids.

Posted By: apple522
Date Posted: December 20 2010 at 2:20am - Thank you for all the great info.  Much appreciated. -


Posted By: twinkles2sf
Date Posted: January 01 2011 at 11:23pm
Thank you!  That was really helpful. 
I've had various Curls for over a decade now, but I still haven't been able to master my post-wash technique.  I can never get my hair to look or feel the same way it did after washing as it did from the salon.

Do you use any leave-in conditioners after washing?  Do you wait for hair to completely dry before applying any leave-ins, moisturizers, or sealants?

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