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drugstore vs salon color

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Topic: drugstore vs salon color
Posted By: chicklet34
Subject: drugstore vs salon color
Date Posted: August 17 2007 at 8:05pm

I was told and read several places on the net that the only difference between the two is the strength of the developer .Is this right or wrong ? And if it is wrong and the salon formula of like loreal is made berr than the drug store brand then how or why would a company like loreal make a second rate product that was'nt as good for sale in like wal-mart etc .What because a gal or guy can't afford the big bucks in the salon he or she deserves a second rate product that we end up paying more for than   the hair dressers do for the same name ? I'm a bit confused here .

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Posted By: suicides_eve
Date Posted: August 17 2007 at 8:42pm
some one correct me if i am wrong  but ,yes, you were told right the difference is the volume developer used. professionals break it down into different levels of developer and colors to mix an match to give a more personal color and can archive different results. now with over the counter or box hair dye it is all in one step so that a novice can archive color at home with out having to go through all the stuff the professionals do.
 they are not second rate products they are more or less 'all in one' or basically a convince product

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Posted By: chicklet34
Date Posted: August 17 2007 at 9:38pm
ok well when i went into sallys and was talking to miss rude lol .she asked me if i got the color from there and i said no Then she said well that is your trouble then you got a second rate product and because you did it will be difficult to match you up here or do anything for you then i said well you have the same products here don't you pionting to the loreal colors on the shelf then she siad no you are uneducated and basically called me an idiot to even suggest they were the same. i told her to kiss my ass and left the store lol

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Posted By: Claude
Date Posted: August 19 2007 at 10:47am
Box HairColor 32% ammonium. Professional HairColor 3% ammonium.

Not to mention boxed HairColor typically has 25% volume developer....putting that thru the mid shafts to ends to refresh the haircolor really dries out the hair. Professional haircolor to refresh you typically match up the color and pull a demi or semi permanent thru of the same color to refresh the hair. Much more gentle on the hair and it doesn't dry out the hair like the boxed stuff.

Posted By: lovetocolor
Date Posted: August 19 2007 at 7:17pm
hey chicklet, me again...i just had a bad sally's experience myself....i am not sure about box...never used it....but claude sounded like he knew his stuff...wonder if it is the same claude that i've read all about coloring on this site?

happy coloring

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