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Dark Blonde to Light Brown

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Topic: Dark Blonde to Light Brown
Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Subject: Dark Blonde to Light Brown
Date Posted: November 07 2007 at 4:34pm

I'm new on these forums but not new to hair color. My current color is dark blonde/light brown. It is normally closer to light brown but was lightened with a Casting Colorspa neutral dark blonde recently, which has faded and turned it brassy. Every time I have tried to dye it darker brown in the past, using permanent haircolor from Sally's or the drugstore, it usually looks really unnatural or just really mousy. How can I get a nice neutral brown that doesn't look muddy or have greenish or reddish tones dominating? I'd love to hear tips or specific colors that have worked for others on here trying to do the same thing. This is the color I want to acheive: - Rachel Griffiths hair - Kate Moss hair

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: November 08 2007 at 1:55am
I responded to your other post as well.
The thing I noticed about the two pics you posted,was that both have a slight red tone to them. Or rather they would be considered "warm" colors.
One way to have brown hair not look mousy is to add in some highlights.
Both of those pictures the women have highlights.
The first one has more reddish highlights. kate moss's has some darker blonde or caramel looking highlights.

Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Date Posted: November 10 2007 at 6:34pm
It seems to me like the base color is very neutral in the Rachel Griffiths pic, even kindy ashy in the Kate Moss pic. The highlights are what give the hair it's warmth (love the caramel highlights). I figured if I could get the base figured out, I could always go in for highlights. My hair turns warm if I do anything to it. I tried a strand test going darker and it still turned reddish even though I used a blue gold base. I really just want a pretty neutral light brown. I'm afraid to use green on my hair so I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: November 10 2007 at 9:23pm
Your hair must have a lot of natural warmth in it then. Mine does as well,but I like it. Seems as though you have to use an ashy color. good luck,I hope you figure it out.Wink

Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Date Posted: November 12 2007 at 12:49pm
I think I figured out what to do. I'm going to use a demi-permanent light brown color with a blue base and mix this with a clear demi-permanent color and a light brown demi-perm with a neutral base. I think the clear will prevent too much color deposit, which is what gives the muddy appearance. And using demi-perm instead of permanent will avoid getting more lift and underlying pigment coming out. I've also been reading up on good demi-permanent lines and I think I will check out Redken Shades Eq. They seem to have the most base choices for each color. They even list which bases dominate for their neutral tones! Now I just have to figure out where to buy the stuff. Anyways, I'll be doing strand tests first of course. Wish me luck!

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: November 13 2007 at 1:24am
Good luck! How cool that the Redken lists which bases dominate...wish all hair dye did that.
Let me know if you like the outcome.Wink

Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Date Posted: November 15 2007 at 9:11pm
So, today I decided to get a color consultation with an Aveda colorist. It went...well not how I thought it would. I brought in a lot of pictures of different shades of brunette from light to medium and slightly different tones from cinnamon to gold to neutral. She told me I needed a richer color and I agreed. She could not point to any one picture though saying that a lot of them were the same, just different lighting. She then brought out swatches and said my natural color was between a level 6 and a level 7. I agreed. Then she was trying to show me various swatches. She thought I should do a level 7 for the base. A level 7? But I thought we were supposed to go richer I said. And then she said, you need more pigment. That's what makes it richer. When I asked what the base color would be she wouldn't give me a straight answer. She then asked if I wanted to go darker. Every picture I brought in was about medium brown except a few light browns so I am surprised she even had to ask, given my hair is now between dark blonde and light brown. I said yes and she said we could use a level 6. I saw her write down 6N on a piece of paper. I am confused. She showed me pictures of models with hair at about a level 5 so why was she suggesting 7 and then 6? I paid $15 for the consultation and really don't get her reasoning of what she's doing to my hair. What is the base color, I asked? Caramel tones, she said. I found this to be too vague. Maybe I should just do it myself. Or get another consultation? Anyways, not what I expected.

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: November 15 2007 at 11:16pm
Well,I'm not sure I'd go with somone who I wasnt having good communication with.
I did one time.I told this guy I wanted a NATURAL BLONDE COLOR.I was very clear saying I didnt want it too light. He charged me 300 dollars to bleach my hair to white and leave it that way.I walked out of there looking like the bride of Frankenstein.I called the owner and told him I wasnt happy and wanted them to fix it.He said the same guy would fix it. I said,"NO WAY! He didnt listent the first time,he is not touching my hair again".
So,it's very important to like the stylist,and understand exactly what they are saying to you.
Or you could try doing it yourself. My honest opinion,is that it's much easier to go darker yourself then go lighter. Usually because if it's not dark enough,you can dye it darker.If it's too dark,it usually fades.
My hair was as light as my avatar,and as dark as this when I dyed it myself. It's about a medium brown and I added in red highlights.

This is the color I like to use by Clairol Natural instincts,Suede.It is a NEUTRAL brown so it has no warmth in it.It is a semi-perm though.It is a light natural brown.

here is a link with more colors you may like:
 But you could always try some other places,if you arent comfortable doing it yourself.
I used to call around places and ask if they had a COLOR SPECIALIST.
Some places would say no,but all our colorists are very good. I prefered a color specialist because they ONLY work with color and nothing else,so they are much more exprienced with hair color.Because you are going from dark blonde and want a medium brown color,I think that would be your best option.

Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Date Posted: November 16 2007 at 4:09pm
Hi Jules,

Your hair looks very pretty in the pic, though I can't see the color very well due to the lighting.

Maybe I should just do it myself with Natural Instincts or Colorspa. Today I went for another consultation with a different stylist. She suggested lowlights in level 6 rather than an all over color. This might be a good idea because it would give me a multi-dimensional color and I wouldn't have to dye it and get highlights on top of that, which would be expensive. On the other hand, I'd have to get lowlights touched up as well as my current color.

I'm beginning to think stylists get nervous when you bring in pictures because each time they told me that everyone's hair is different and you can't exactly copy a picture. Is that really true or are they just covering their asses in case it doesn't come out good? Wish I knew. Wish I could stop obsessing about my hair!

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: November 16 2007 at 10:08pm
The lowlights are a good idea...although the lowlights I have had beofre tended to fade rather quickly.
I think you are right about them covering their asses.Either that or they just like doing their own thing.A good stylist usually appreciates pictures to get an idea of what you want.Although I agree it can be hard to get it EXACTLY like a picture.But it helps to show them what you are generally interested in getting done.
I know how you feel,I'am constantly obsessing over my hair too.
I'm surprised no one else has jumped into the thread with more advice!
I dont have great expriences with stylists,so that is why I'm a do-it-yourselfer.

Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Date Posted: November 16 2007 at 11:02pm
I wonder why no one else has jumped in either. I did another strand test today with a permanent l'oreal excellence light beige brown in their new extreme browns collection. I love the color! The only problem is my ends pull more ashy than the top half of my hair. They are pretty lightened from the summer sun (about a level 8 where the rest of my hair is about a level 6-7). (The color is a level 6 with a blue gold base) Anyone know how to fix this? Anyone?...Jules?.....Cool I really like the warmer beigey golden tones of this color. My boyfriend thinks it needs a touch more red.  Hmm...a red gold protein filler perhaps? I think I'm going to start a new thread!

Posted By: PerfectBrunette
Date Posted: November 17 2007 at 6:44pm
After all of the strand tests I did (5?) with so many different types of hair color (excellence), preference, color gems, developlus satin), I finally found a great way to go light brown and make it look natural on a dark blonde gal - casting colorspa. Since I got so fed up with my strand tests today, I finally went out and did yet another strand test with colorspa semi-permanent in light golden brown. I was pleased with the test and the color finally took evenly from roots to ends so I put it on my whole head. It looks beautiful, really natural and I I will be getting lowlights put in professionally to give it more of a multidimensional and mysterious look. So far, I love being brunette!

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: November 18 2007 at 9:58pm
Sorry I didnt respond sooner I havent been on the computer.
So you did it! I'm glad you like it.
Yes,that is why red is needed because when you go from blonde to brown it tends to look pretty "ashy" .
Remember colorspa is semi so it might may have to do it more then once.
You should get some ARTec to help keep it from fading so much.

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