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sunsilk blondes vs brunettes...

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Topic: sunsilk blondes vs brunettes...
Posted By: julesyjul88
Subject: sunsilk blondes vs brunettes...
Date Posted: January 14 2008 at 11:11pm
So I dont want this in anyway to turn into a debate on whether blondes are better then brunettes or likewise.
However,what I'm interested in knowing and discussing,is how you guys feel about Sunsilk's campaign pitting blondes and brunettes against each other.
Some of the commercials,in my honest opinion,are a tad offensive.

Not to mention they dont even include redheads,because I guess they just arent considered "competition".Not that redheads probably feel bad about being left out of the senseless jokes.

For anyone who has no clue what I'm talking about,here is a link about it: -
Scroll all the way down and read some of the coments people have left.Alot of ignorant very stereotypical insults being flung back and forth over who is better.
Was this what sunsilk wanted? Ugliness directed at each other instead of
bringing us together and celebrating our differences?
I dont consider myself an overly Politicly correct person.But I feel,in a society that hails plastic surgery,and promoting images or perfect females to young girls who find it impossible to measure up to such standards,
are they taking this too far?
Shouldnt we be teaching the youth that beauty in all it's forms is beautiful?
Not making commercials that are offensive and basicly saying if you dont look this way then you're ugly?
I have a ten year old who after seeing one of the commercials saying,"Sorry brunettes,maybe your moms think you are pretty" wondering if she could dye her hair blonde.At ten! And she isnt even brunette,but a beautiful natural auburn color with natural blonde highlights.
So,what are your views on this? Funny and innovative commercials?
Or sleazy sales tactic to sell a crappy product?
I'm sure you know what my vote is.

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