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What Brands Have The Best Red/Violet Color

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Topic: What Brands Have The Best Red/Violet Color
Posted By: glittergirl
Subject: What Brands Have The Best Red/Violet Color
Date Posted: February 05 2008 at 12:33am
Hi All!

Just wondering what brands of color you know of that have great Red/Violet... bordering on Purple colors?

I'm aiming to get this color: -

Right now my hair is med brown, but I am planning on stripping it so it's lighter and can absorb the red violet better.

So far I've tried these brands:
Clairol Ultress 4RV (no longer made)
Clairol Hydrience 34 Tropical (pretty good)
Manic Panic Deadly Nightshade (no pre bleaching over med brown hair)
Ion range of RV colors
Revlon Colorsilk 48 Burgundy
Garnier Nutrisse 100% Color 660

So far none of these provided the exact shade I am after. I want my hair to look like a glass of wine basically! LOL

Any ideas of good lines? I'm looking for semi permanent or permanent color.


Posted By: laceydon
Date Posted: February 07 2008 at 10:40am

my only word of advice is to go to a salon. i have naturally red hair that i get darkened, and the first time i decided to darken it, it turned the color that you are looking for, but i was going for more of a lindsay lohan red. to say the least, i looked horrid. so i washed my hair with dish soap and it got the dark red/purple color out of my hair pretty quickly. they have a large range of colors at the salon. and, maybe my hair just takes color differently since it's already naturally red. since the first experience of coloring it purple/red i've found a different shade that works better. best of luck to you!

Posted By: asiabo
Date Posted: February 07 2008 at 7:52pm
it looks like a burgundy color for me - you might try searching for that?

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Posted By: glittergirl
Date Posted: February 07 2008 at 8:11pm
asiabo- i have tried to find burgundy. It's amazing how hard it is to find. I found a color by Jazzing that is called black cherry, it looks pretty close. if that does not work, I might try mixing two shades together and see how that does. I'm sure I'll get the right concoction.

BTW awesome job w/ your bleach.... your hair looks fantastic!

Posted By: asiabo
Date Posted: February 07 2008 at 10:06pm
before you try the jazzing color, make sure you have heat!! i hear it's only semi-permanent if you don't use heat.
it seems like i remember coming across some burgundy shades, and i thought they were gorgeous which is why they stick in my memory. i'm going to try to find some for you because now i'm really curious.

thank you, too! i don't bleach myself, only tone. i go to a pro because i don't trust any of my friends to do it for me, and i can't see the back of my head :S. it's frustrating because i know how to do it and have all the stuff so i could save so much money if i just had an extra pair of arms to hold a mirror.....

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Posted By: glittergirl
Date Posted: February 09 2008 at 2:56am
Hey Asiabo!

I did try heat and it really did not work. I went to brown/blond color after I used it. I posted pics - here . Not thrilled with the results at all.

Maybe I'll try another Manic Panic color or something else. I want to give it a rest as I bleached before I used Jazzing. So I'll have to deep condition my hair for a few weeks before I try something new.

Or, I'll just go to the salon... but they never seem to have daring enough red/purple for me. I don't want a 'safe' color. I want it to be wild!

I love how your hair looks after you tone it. It's just great. The thing I found w/ bleach tonight is that it is hard to get it even, even with an extra pair of hands. My BF helped me, but it was still hard, even with two of us working on it.

Thanks for your reply!

Posted By: asiabo
Date Posted: February 09 2008 at 5:15am
so i looked and looked and looked and every time i found something i had to cross-check it with your list and of course you already tried all the good ones [IMG]smileys/smiley2.gif" align="middle" />
but the best one i found was the tropic, which you already used. i'm wondering, though, if you bleached before you applied it if it would make a difference? i'm not sure what color your hair was before you put it on, but starting with a clean slate might make a difference if you had color in your hair when you applied it.

have you tried revlon colorsilk #34? it looks a little more purple than #48 to me.

redken shades eq in Sangria or Merlot?

wella color charms in burgundy, black cherry, or cinnamon? (i use a wella toner and i love it!!!)

or of course manic panic in divine wine or enchanted forest...

i hope some of this helped?! it's a gorgeous color and i want you to have it!! WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.

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Posted By: valkyrie_grrl
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 3:39pm

You might want to try a Special Effects USA color over your natural color (or bleach for more oomph).  My hair is dark blonde/light brown and I've had success with some of their reds (Cherry Bomb, Blood Red) and Deep Purple over natural hair.  You could mix two of the colors as well to get a custom color.

As for permanent colors, you could try one of the red/violet based colors and put a red intensifier (sometimes called a kicker) into the formula.  Wella has nice red/violet based colors and so does Ion (Sally Beauty Supply house brand).

For more information on wild colors, try - .

Ion 6RV on light brown/dark blonde hair.  It's a bit faded in this picture. -

Posted By: RavenRose
Date Posted: February 27 2008 at 1:28am
I'm also iso deep burgundy hair. Did you try Garnier Nutrisse #42? I want deep wine red hair too! However, I have natural black mixed in with dyed black hair that is fading. Now, I want to go deep burgundy since it's more fun and different from black hair.

Posted By: RavenRose
Date Posted: February 27 2008 at 1:43am
valkyrie_grrl, your hair looks great. It's a great shade of burgundy. I wish I could go on similar path but I have natural black hair while the ends are dyed black to cover old bleach job over a year ago about but I had a hefty hair cut so I'm guessing the old bleach job is pretty much gone and don't want to undergo bleach again. I can settle down with very deep burgundy sort of like aubergine or eggplant shade. But I'm not sure if I should strip the dyed black first before using burgundy dye? Hot roots are what I hear about a lot. I'd like to know what dye I should go with and come out good as much as possible.

Posted By: asiabo
Date Posted: February 27 2008 at 10:53am
definitely strip the color first! burgundy is a lighter shade than black, and color doesn't lift color. if you don't strip first, the burgundy will most likely not even show up

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Posted By: RavenRose
Date Posted: February 28 2008 at 1:39am
Thanks, asiabo! I will strip the color before I try the new color. Looks like I'm going to try Wella Color Charm's Black Cherry, which I heard is quite good and to use it with either 20 or 30 volume developer for extra lift and there's a Sally Beauty nearby. I'm a bit leery of drugstore dyes anyway.

Posted By: asiabo
Date Posted: February 28 2008 at 10:48am
that color is gorgeous :)
yeah i don't see why you should go with drugstore if you know how to use developer and all that! best of luck, post pictures when it's done, hey?

Before/After toning with Wella

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