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My Sons Perm Punishment

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Topic: My Sons Perm Punishment
Posted By: AvaGarden
Subject: My Sons Perm Punishment
Date Posted: February 21 2008 at 10:41am
I have punished my 12 yr. old son in many different ways for his bad behavior but at the suggestion of my Mother we took him to our beauty shop and had is hair permed in a fem style. We  intend to do this every 6 months as he looks quite pretty now. Any other mothers used this means of punishment? Ava


Posted By: happy abi
Date Posted: August 25 2008 at 6:39pm
All I can say is wish I was punished like your son, what a lucky boy, he doesnít now how fortunate he his, to being accompanied to a beauty salon by his Mother who insists he has his hair permed on a regular basis. Thumbs%20Up Something I needed to be forced in to having done but never did, it must be sheer heaven with that lovely smell of perm lotion that lingers in your hair. I turned green just reading your thread Ava. At the age of about 40, I started trying out different types of make-up kiss  and have gone out in public dressed as a lady, curves en all. Even if I go up town with no make-up I often wear ladies clothes, pink is my favourite colour, at 52 and balding on top, a permanent no longer an option because of work, however I have seriously looked into ladyís wigs curly of course (Not the same). Something Iíve really regretted not having a tight perm, on rods.

Please tell your son he doesnít now how privileged he is, this might make him misbehave more so you can give further punishment and get him to wear a skirt & blouse surely this would be more fitting for the occasion. iagreesign  Please let me know how his perms go I look forward to hearing the results, even if is only every 6 months Does he have a tight perm or a body wave? If just body wave why no make more frequent visits to keep him pretty looking, dont know if you have considered it but jewelled hair accessories  daisy  would not go a miss Enjoy you selves, Both of you

Have you got any pictures? love to see them


You obviously take him for the perms in school holidays, why donít you take him to the salon most weekends for a set. The other week whilst I was on holiday from work a neighbour set my hair (back & sides) on sponge rollers & because of this I was able to sleep in them I keep them in for 4 days & nights I even went out with them in of course I wore a pink beanie to cover the rollers, I have since washed the curls out  marilynmonroe  as starting back to work 27/08/08.

Ava does he wear his hair really fem if so check out the Gallery # 3799 for a lovely mass of curls, Wink # 4621 unfortunatly I have no hair on top, # 6357 Spiral Curls, #17371 a period style & finally # 4782 a beautiful sculptured look. Big%20smile 

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