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Faith Hill short again???

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Topic: Faith Hill short again???
Posted By: arch94
Subject: Faith Hill short again???
Date Posted: April 14 2008 at 10:32pm
Anyone catch the Country Music awards tonight?
Faith had an interesting style...It was really big, and curly. It looks quite a bit's hard to tell though. If you look at the pieces that fall on her neck, it appears quite short.
Any thoughts on this one?|1&axs=0|80676734%2c80676729%2c80676724%2c80676658%2c80676643%2c80676639%2c80676637%2c80676635%2c80676633%2c80676632%2c80676631%2c80676617%2c80676614%2c80676562%2c80676560%2c80676551%2c80676540%2c80676390%2c80676386%2c80676384%2c80676308%2c80676305%2c80676303%2c80676302%2c80676301%2c80676300%2c80676290%2c80676287%2c80675989%2c80675976%2c80675974%2c80675971%2c80675299%2c80675280%2c80675278%2c80675275%2c80675272%2c80675247%2c80675176%2c80675174%2c80675171%2c80675170%2c80675169%2c80675168%2c80675164%2c80675162%2c80675147%2c80675142%2c80673823%2c80666827%2c80666713%2c80666572%2c80666304%2c80666300%2c80665767%2c80664266%2c80662884%2c80661126%2c80661122%2c80661109|0&id=80676631 -|1&axs=0|80676734%2c80676729%2c80676724%2c80676658%2c80676643%2c80676639%2c80676637%2c80676635%2c80676633%2c80676632%2c80676631%2c80676617%2c80676614%2c80676562%2c80676560%2c80676551%2c80676540%2c80676390%2c80676386%2c80676384%2c80676308%2c80676305%2c80676303%2c80676302%2c80676301%2c80676300%2c80676290%2c80676287%2c80675989%2c80675976%2c80675974%2c80675971%2c80675299%2c80675280%2c80675278%2c80675275%2c80675272%2c80675247%2c80675176%2c80675174%2c80675171%2c80675170%2c80675169%2c80675168%2c80675164%2c80675162%2c80675147%2c80675142%2c80673823%2c80666827%2c80666713%2c80666572%2c80666304%2c80666300%2c80665767%2c80664266%2c80662884%2c80661126%2c80661122%2c80661109|0&id=80676631|1&axs=0|80676734%2c80676729%2c80676724%2c80676658%2c80676643%2c80676639%2c80676637%2c80676635%2c80676633%2c80676632%2c80676631%2c80676617%2c80676614%2c80676562%2c80676560%2c80676551%2c80676540%2c80676390%2c80676386%2c80676384%2c80676308%2c80676305%2c80676303%2c80676302%2c80676301%2c80676300%2c80676290%2c80676287%2c80675989%2c80675976%2c80675974%2c80675971%2c80675299%2c80675280%2c80675278%2c80675275%2c80675272%2c80675247%2c80675176%2c80675174%2c80675171%2c80675170%2c80675169%2c80675168%2c80675164%2c80675162%2c80675147%2c80675142%2c80673823%2c80666827%2c80666713%2c80666572%2c80666304%2c80666300%2c80665767%2c80664266%2c80662884%2c80661126%2c80661122%2c80661109|0&id=80676658 -|1&axs=0|80676734%2c80676729%2c80676724%2c80676658%2c80676643%2c80676639%2c80676637%2c80676635%2c80676633%2c80676632%2c80676631%2c80676617%2c80676614%2c80676562%2c80676560%2c80676551%2c80676540%2c80676390%2c80676386%2c80676384%2c80676308%2c80676305%2c80676303%2c80676302%2c80676301%2c80676300%2c80676290%2c80676287%2c80675989%2c80675976%2c80675974%2c80675971%2c80675299%2c80675280%2c80675278%2c80675275%2c80675272%2c80675247%2c80675176%2c80675174%2c80675171%2c80675170%2c80675169%2c80675168%2c80675164%2c80675162%2c80675147%2c80675142%2c80673823%2c80666827%2c80666713%2c80666572%2c80666304%2c80666300%2c80665767%2c80664266%2c80662884%2c80661126%2c80661122%2c80661109|0&id=80676658

We all know what opinions are like...and I've got both!

Posted By: HAWG
Date Posted: April 14 2008 at 11:11pm
I've been wondering the same thing too; did she cut it because she's been wearing like this for a little while; all thrown up in a messy updo.  Maybe she'll show up this week somewhere with it down and we'll be able to tell.  Here she is at a recent event with it not soo messy:


Posted By: shortvslong
Date Posted: April 15 2008 at 6:12am

interesting I'll have to keep an eye out for more pics

Posted By: love it short
Date Posted: April 15 2008 at 9:37am
It would be great if she cut her hair short again ,I been waiting for her to do a major cut for a couple of years, I love short hair on her she just looks great with short hair. Hopefully she will go back to one of her shortest cuts!

Posted By: JohnnyQuest
Date Posted: April 15 2008 at 11:54am
Here's a side view, I'm not sure if its an updo, wig, or mullet gone wild but I don't like. I have liked other short styles on her in the past but this isn't working if indeed it is cut.

Posted By: Mike46019
Date Posted: April 16 2008 at 9:03am
I agree that is not a very good look for her.

Few men are killed by the bayonet;many are scared by it.Bayonets should be fixed when the fire fight starts.General George Patton Jr.,War As I Knew It,1947.

Posted By: love it short
Date Posted: April 16 2008 at 2:23pm
Go to getty and type in faith hill then go to pages 30&31 to see her with a really short cut, I really like'd that cut on her and would love to see her go that short again!

Posted By: shortvslong
Date Posted: April 17 2008 at 6:12am
I total agree with you

Posted By: HAWG
Date Posted: April 17 2008 at 7:14pm
Her best look?
and some short hair pics from the past
and one just for fun


Posted By: shortvslong
Date Posted: April 18 2008 at 6:18am
wow! I like everyone of those looks one her and she even looks hot bald

Posted By: Durango
Date Posted: April 18 2008 at 1:33pm
Hard to tell what length is; all the 2008 photos on Getty Images and the CMT site show her with updos.   She definitely has had some short layers cut in and gone lighter since Nov. 2007: -

She's had a couple of disasters over the years but makes most any hairstyle look good.  My vote for favorite look (see photos from Nov. 2005 at bottom of page and top of next page): -

I personally think a darker color  and soft waves and curls are a better look for her.    The CMT updo was too teased and blonde IMO.

CMT is rerunning the CMT 2008 Awards Show fairly often, along with a Best of CMT Awards.   Unfortunately, Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood both look better in earlier shows than they did this year.


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