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How do i braid

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Topic: How do i braid
Posted By: Poetry
Subject: How do i braid
Date Posted: June 26 2008 at 5:27pm
I've been trying to braid hair for a while now and it works, but the only kind of braid i can do is underbraiding, can someone give me some tips.

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Posted By: dhancyber
Date Posted: April 23 2009 at 11:55am
Hi there, if you want to learn about braiding/twisting hair? visit - for more detailed information. -


Posted By: hairstyleblogkr
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 4:29pm
Here is a great article on braids. It shows Jessica Simpson's super cute summer braids and the article even has a video showing you how to braid your hair! -
This should help you!

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Posted By: mayzilou
Date Posted: October 08 2009 at 4:34pm
Oh these are great I love Jessica's braids they are so darned cute!

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Posted By: raychelnorberg
Date Posted: October 20 2011 at 1:48pm
Youtube has a plethora of video's that are great for learning. I have several french braids posted. Check them out:)


Posted By: Alexander_john
Date Posted: January 23 2012 at 4:21am
come on guys and gals lets see some of your braid install pics ,i will get some up once i get them on tuesday ,but would love to see yours please share


Posted By: blairgreen14
Date Posted: September 24 2012 at 7:37am
The first link is showing 404 error I like second one.

Posted By: Sparrowhawk1161
Date Posted: September 29 2012 at 11:34pm
Now you are just showing her cool braids.  But I think she is looking for advise to ACTUALLY braid her hair.  This means understanding the complete basics.
Hy Peotry:
Sparrowhawk here:
Poetry?  The best way to understand braids is not to do it on your own hair, but to do it on something else.
Take a piece of cardboard, a small piece, then staple a couple ribbons to it.  Three in a row across on this piece of cardboard.
Now you have three pieces.  One on the left, one in the middle and one on the right.  OK?
Now take the left one and put it over the middle one.
Now take the right one and put it over the middle one, again.
Then, put left one and put it over the middle one, again...
Then, put the right again over the middle one... as you do it you will see something interesting.  The locks of long hair actually create a pattern that looks like a braid.
As you practice on those ribbons, now you can do it to hair.  I imagine your hair might be long enough to braid it.  If you grab your hair from the back of your neck and have enough long hair to do this, you have enough.  DFo the same as the ribbons. If not, you can do it on a friend.  Take your own hair or your friends long hair and do that.  You will see the pattern.  Three strands make a braid as long as you take a left over the middle and right over the middle...
And, over again.
You will see how it will turn out.
Now, keep practicing.  You don't want a lot of space between those sections.  Try to get the sections so they seem very close together.  You might notice that some of those sections are bigger than others.
All that means is one of those three locks has more hair than the others.  That means of one is to big and is larger than the other, that section has too much hair.  So, try to make each section of hair the same THICKNESS. so they match.
If you are doing it on another girl, like a friend of yours, see if easch section is about the same length.  If you have very long hair that can be braided, do it on yourself.
If you have enough long hair that can go beyond your back... you can practice on your own hair.
Just do the same thing and keep doing it, until your braid looks like all the other girls.  Each section should be amost the same amount of hair.
Please, remember that trying to get each of the three sections just right is very difficult.  It's hard to do that.
SECRET?  You don't have to make it perfect.  It looks better if it is not perfect.  It's all right.
That type of braid goes from your neck down to the rest of your long hair.  Once you can do that,  You can learn other braiding... like "French" braiding.  Once you can do that, all those fansy braids the other girls do are much easier and you can learn them very easier:
If you can do this without any problem... it's time for an "outy:"
Yet, I think you want this, too:  Your underbraid is a regular braid.  Your want an outy... so the braid actually shows against the back of your head
Now to do an "outy" you do it the opposite way:
If you can do a braid the regular way, you can do and outy.  I imagine you are ready to graduate up your hair and gather hair highrer to the top of your head.  It's the same thing.
Gather the hair that is on top of your hair into three section just like you would do with young long hair that falls below your shoulder.  This begs the question, what if your hair only goes down to your shoulder bone.
OH! No we have problems!  Actually no.  If all of your hair goes down to your shoulders... even the bangs... or fringes as they are called, rest assured your OK.  If you move your head forward and those hairs that come from the top of your head are as long as your shoulders... your fine.  If not and they are shorter... you might need somethng like boby pins to make sure you hair doesn't fall in your face.  Just make sure they are out of the way for now.  Later... you can allow them to fall on your face... because it looks very cute to guys.  Since I am  a guy... but, I am concerned with you well being since I am a Dad myself...
If you are doing an under?  It is very simple to do an outer.  When you gather the left side of the three great locks of all your hair, instead of going over with it as you would do with a regular braid, go under.  Then take the right side and go under...and the next under so the braid appears on the outside.
This is called an outy which is great for a french braid.  French braids section off the top hairs up high and gather everything down father.  When you do this you see the braid right at you.  It's not buried with the other locks.  Now, you have learned every braid form you can.
Everything is based on those two things.  Some use more than tree locks  some go under and outer... but, they all have the same form...
Now you know the complete basic secret to braiding... 

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Posted By: sinclair67
Date Posted: December 06 2012 at 1:44am
occur men and women allows notice some of your braid install pics ,i am going to get some good upward once i have them on tuesday ,yet would like to see yours make sure you discuss
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