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Matrix OptiSmooth to PhytoSpecific Phytorelaxer

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Topic: Matrix OptiSmooth to PhytoSpecific Phytorelaxer
Posted By: niknakx
Subject: Matrix OptiSmooth to PhytoSpecific Phytorelaxer
Date Posted: August 05 2008 at 9:04pm
Hi .... I'm very new....
I have a couple questions for those who are pro's here with chemical straighteners... i have coarse, curly, filipino hair! its longish (past my shoulders) and has always been really resilient to any type damage from chemical treatments whether perming, straightening, coloring.. other than becoming a bit dry, its never fallen out or burned off in patches.
anyhow, i just had my sister straighten my hair with Matrix OptiSmooth the heated/use a flat iron version. Its straightER but not STRAIGHT... like i get out of the shower with waves in it still and have to then blow dry and flat iron to get it straight but then it doesn't look straight and flowing, it looks like i have wavy hair that i flat ironed (with a Chi) and its a bit full and puffy for lack of a better word. anyways, i just found the PhytoRelaxer here and ordered it... i want to use it based on a review i read on here from a lady who's hair seems to be just like mine. anyhow... i know i will have to wait a while before i use it since i just did the OptiSmooth but how long do you think i should wait and does anyone have any advice on whether i should use it at all after the straightening i just did? i mean, it seems like their ingredients are natural but of course its still a chemical straightening.... sorry for the book of a post but just want some feedback and advice from anyone who has used the product especially if they've used it after a prior straightening.


Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: October 17 2008 at 10:46am
OMG! I hope I'm not too late. You can not use Phytospecific on hair treated with Thio ( the chimical in the optismooth). They are not compatible and will produce a chemical hair cut (your hair will fall out). You would have to grow all the hair out and cut it off, before you can use phytospecific.
If you still have issues with your hair after the optismooth, it was not applied correctly. You should have gone to a chemical expert.

Posted By: niknakx
Date Posted: October 17 2008 at 5:43pm
you're not too late. i still have not done the phyto straightener. its been since early august since i did the matrix straightening and its still not STRAIGHT, i have to flat iron. sooo.... i'm just stuck with my crazy hair i guess! thanks tho, good thing i didn't fry my hair off my head!!

Posted By: dellbeano
Date Posted: November 08 2008 at 9:19am
I had the Matrix OptiSmooth, I'm not going to say there is something wrong with the product, but i had mine done last week and i have very very strong hair,  i lost clumps of hair for 3 days, i know have a couple of bald spots on my very very thick hair.

i would stick with the cheaper relaxers which is what i used in the past

Teresa Peterson

Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: December 02 2008 at 7:02am

Matrix Optismooth is not really great according to chemical experts. However if the process is done correctly, by a chemical expert (please note, all stylists are not chemical experts, like all doctors are not surgeons. It is a specialty) You should not suffer damage or hair loss. If you do, it is not the product, but the person doing the service.

I personally love Rusk Radical Anti-Curl. It has the same ingredient, Thio. But is not TR, it is a texturizer instead. Which would be the same as the "cold" matrix opti-smooth (the one performed without the flat iron)But again, if not done correctly it will cause damage. The same thing will happen with cheaper relaxers. So concentrate on finding the right stylist instead.
Oh and by the way, that whole thing about Phyto specific being natural, it a bunch of bull. They just didn't list the chemical, but it is a sodium hydroxide relaxer just like the rest. The natural stuff just makes your hair softer, but they are not the straightening agent. And weather you still have to blow dry after relaxing, depends on your type of hair. You will still have to blow dry if your hair is naturally very curly.

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