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Obagi Clenzidrm MD Acne theraputic systems

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Topic: Obagi Clenzidrm MD Acne theraputic systems
Posted By: wvulovey
Subject: Obagi Clenzidrm MD Acne theraputic systems
Date Posted: October 17 2008 at 2:13pm
Has ne1 tried this brand? Its made bu dermatoligists. Says for acne but I'm using mainly for oily skin and under the skin breakouts along cheeks. TIA
EDIT-Heres some stats from the bookelt I got with the kit. kit was 130.00
1)Celnziderm uses benzo peroxide like other ance systems BUT this system contains a patent pending liquifoed form of 5% solution of benzo perx., known as soluZyl technology. Its liquiedfied and can penetrate deeper.
2)Differnt bc most acne treatments stay on skins surface and this goes deep to the root of hair follicle. which is hard to reach. kills acne at root
3)Prescription strength but available with scrip.
4)Clinically proven to be as effective leading topical benzo peroxide/antibotic treatment.
normal to oily skin-52% had results of less acne is 2 weeks.
""                          "-34% reduction of white and blackheads at 2 weeks
normal to dry skin-45% had results in at week 2.
"                           "-26% reductionof white and blackheads at 2 weeks.
I bought the 1 for oily to normal skin. Can't wait to try it along with other procedures I'm geting done!

Posted By: SybariteGator
Date Posted: February 23 2009 at 9:59pm
Let us know how it goes.

That "liquefied" benzoyl peroxide sounds like a gimmick to me. But I'm the skeptical type.

Good luck!

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