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keeping blond without using bleach

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Printed Date: November 27 2021 at 3:02pm

Topic: keeping blond without using bleach
Posted By: SiNfuL GirL
Subject: keeping blond without using bleach
Date Posted: December 27 2008 at 8:00am
Hi everyone, need some help please...Confused
Okay I have been bleaching the crap out of my hair for almost 3 years now and i love my blond but my hair is so brittle now because too many "professional stylist" were afraid of bleach in my opinion and got scared so they damaged it more than needed,Cry i only say that because i found someone who finally got the formula perfect with no problems and was very confident.Wink Anyways my natural hair color is a dark blond light brown but i want to keep my roots lighter without bleaching. Now i'm not one for box dyes i never have been but i am curious if they will turn my bleached blond a orange or something? Okay let me just simplify my question cause i'm starting to confuse myself lol
what dye should or can i use to keep my roots light blond without turning my bleached blond orange or something?
I sure hope someone understands what i'm tryin to say lol. I just dont want to use bleach anymore i mean my blond is perfect infact i would rather have some brown highlights or lowlights whatever you want to call them. Here are a couple of pic please tell me what you think i should use or do... thanks so much for even reading all of this lol.

also this is a old pic of my hair like 5 years ago, when i had it dark unerneith and blond highlights but i dont want it to be dark underneith this time just some brown highlights but how dark do you think i should go.

Last but not least this is my desired look of blond with highlights how should i accomplish this look? I am worried after bleaching my hair for so long it wont take a darker color very well uhhhhh how very stressful lolHeather Locklear FTWClap

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Posted By: borne.blonde
Date Posted: December 27 2008 at 8:52am
I have to say I am not impressed by boxed colors ! What happens is the HL required to bring the root up to the same shade with the heat of the scalp  would have the pigments that you THINK will control Orange/Yellow eventually wash out after a week or two or disperse & then turn the exact shade you wish to control.  So it would appear that you controlled it at first then turn to bleh.  I still opt for the bleach roots, tone Then possibly get a Demi, color mousse or color shampoo etc.  OR use a quality product like Schwarzkopf 12-1 to bring the root up & then Viviance or their demi line to do the lowlights or shade variation.  Many discuss Natural instincts, radiance, Loreal toners etc (haven't tried these).  12.1 ion, 1210 Color Charm have good control but I haven't viewed these over time to see what they fade into as they are swatches recently worked on. I have a LOAD of HL colors & toners Idk if I will use because of the "damage" factor and they just seriously bring my blonde up to brass. 

I will keep my eye out if I see any interesting techniques. I confess Idk if I am into the darkened roots thing as I LOVE your color now HEHE.Wink

Demi's Colorance, Color Sync, Redken Shades EQ? what are good demi's

Posted By: beachgerl
Date Posted: December 27 2008 at 11:05pm
Since you're already naturally dark blonde, it's probably safe to use a high lift box color. Make sure it's ash based to counteract any orange/brass when lifting your roots to match the ends. Again, each person's hair is different. For example, I got very dark roots but when I used a platinum toner with just 10 volume developer, it turned my dark roots a nice shade of ashy medium blonde so I can imagine it will turn yours into a pale blonde color. Roots lighten really quickly and easily than the ends and can cause 'hot roots', so just keep that in mind.

Posted By: karen s
Date Posted: December 29 2008 at 9:02am
I agree with the others hi lift colour is the only thing you can use without bleach. I would however opt for the pro colours, only because I work with them( I'm sure other members have great experience with box colours)
Wella have great hi lift colours 12/1 and 12/11( use 40 vol) are probs the best to avoid any orange tinges. I use Ion hi lifts in our salon 90.01 with a 000 booster gives up to 5/6 levels of lift from a level 5, using (40 vol only)
Apply to your roots only, then through the mid lengths and ends 15 mins before end of development.
To achieve Heather Locklear's look, I would go with loads of weaved hi lights level 9, with an ultra light ash blonde, even with a hint of silver.

karen sanderson

Posted By: SiNfuL GirL
Date Posted: December 29 2008 at 3:56pm

Thank you all so much ladies. My problem with bleach is my hair has been breaking off so bad lately and i do deep conditionings even leave in conditioners i however dont do hot oil treatments i dont know why. the bleach i found that works on my hair without the yellow/brassy tones is Matrix Vlight with a 40 vol. To be honest when i use to put my own highlights in my hair i used a wellight 40v and they turned out great but since i started having the salon do my roots cause i will over lap them they use redken or whateve with 20 and 30 vol. and it was just turning my whole head yellow orange. so in turn to fix it i have had a ton of bleach put on my hair and now it just seems to be breaking off. i'll be honest i like about a half inch of my roots to just stay darker i think it looks more natural but i wont give up my blond. So in return do you ladies recomment any kind of conditioning treatment i can do or a reconstructive i am now using a N.R.G. reconstructor it is good but its not cuting it. I dont know what else to do i do take horsetail weed vitamins and hair, skin, and nail vitamins pretty faithfully. Now if i stick to my vlight 40 vol. what else do you think i can do to help keep my hair strong and to stop breaking? Cry

You ladies have helped out so much already thank you all very much. I think i'm too scared to use box dies to be honest i cant bring myself to even try it lol.

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Posted By: karen s
Date Posted: December 30 2008 at 9:44am
My honest opinion is when hair has been damaged with constant bleaching there is not much you can do, but get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep removing  the damaged  hair. By all means use good conditioning treatments to help with the condition of your hair, but it wont alter the structure of the damaged hair within.
Sorry, but certainly keep up with the conditioning treatments.

karen sanderson

Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: January 01 2009 at 6:36pm
I used to use a high lift color and it got my (medium brown hair) to about the same lightness as yours.
I used Loreal Les Blondimess (ultimate lightening in one step) in extra light ash blond.
If you are too scared,just pick one small section and do a STRAND test first.
Also,the Heather Locklear picture looks like a champagne/beige blond to me.
I used to color my hair champagne blond when it became too light in the summer and it came out to about that color.
If you DO decide to use box color,really the best thing you can do to help with damage is to use a PROTEIN Filler.You just add about 2 oz. to the dye and it really makes a big difference.It keeps blond hair from getting that straw like feeling.
Also,you may want to try Nexxus Hair Emergencee and Redken leave in treatment called anti-snap.
Ultimately,karen is right and trims will make a big difference too.Good luckSmile

Posted By: SiNfuL GirL
Date Posted: January 04 2009 at 5:43pm
Thanks a lot ladies... i am a little worried about using a high lifter only because in my experience my hair doesn't like to take color very well i am worried it wont take a high lifter very well... jeez i thought about just leaving it alone and just letting it grow out natural again but i have extensions and after my roots start to grow out you can see the extensions easier. you can use a protein filler with the high lift right? you have all been great help thank you so much =)

A stock iphone is a useless brick, I live to customize!

Posted By: borne.blonde
Date Posted: January 06 2009 at 7:26pm
For the health of your hair do you "need" to keep the extensions? are they putting any stress on your scalp???  I thought that gentle OIL bleach & 20v on roots w/o overlapping is less damaging than 40x2&HL? then an acid based toner & activator vs. 20 vol classic lines hmm.

Hope it turns out good.

I purchased the anti snap from Ulta this week. I have heard great things about it.  Seems like LO'real is putting ceramides in everything, I think redken is owned by them & the redken product lines are seeming very similar.

Posted By: SiNfuL GirL
Date Posted: January 06 2009 at 8:22pm
sweet i'll have to check that out and see how that works but yeah i'm going on a break soon without extensions for awhile. i just have to schedule a date with myself to get them out lol.

A stock iphone is a useless brick, I live to customize!

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