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Help With Straight Hair Would Be Great!

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Topic: Help With Straight Hair Would Be Great!
Posted By: masterwatermage
Subject: Help With Straight Hair Would Be Great!
Date Posted: January 09 2009 at 2:36am
I have been reading a lot about waves.
But I would appriciate it if someone with Straight hair that has waves can maybe hook me up with a Guide or something. 
Or, If someone who knows instructions on what I can do would be great!
Cody P aka CP
AIM Screen Name - cphottmagic

Posted By: dothdamnthang
Date Posted: January 09 2009 at 10:56am
ChrisDog212's Method (For Straight Hair)
Im mixed with white and black, 75% white 25% black
the white has greek and irish in it
the black is just black
my dad = white/irish
mom = black/greek

Just because your fully white doesnt mean you cant get waves

My method

Indian hemp, lusters pink oil, carrot creme, carrot chlorestorol, and coconut oil

Morning routine:
1. wake up take off durag and brush for a few seconds with a soft brush
2. I add a mix of carrot creme and brush that in
3. I put on my durag until i think its compacted my hair down, i like the compacted

4. I take off my durag and brush my hair line back to get it straight because the

waves on my hairline make it crooked

Afternoon routine:
1. I brush my hair a little bit before i take a shower
2. I brush my hair with a soft brush in the shower, sometimes a hard brush when im

deep into wolfing
3. I add carrot chlorestorol to my hair and leave it sitting for a few minutes
4. i do what i normally do when i take a shower while its sitting in my hair
5. I brush the carrot chlorestorol out of my hair then i clean my face with a facial

cleanser(any will do)
6. after i get out of the shower while my hair is damp, i add a mixture of indian hemp

and carrot creme
7. i brush that in with a medium brush and durag, usually i have things to do after i

take a shower so i let it air dry, then i get back to brushing

I use the pink oil sometimes when i feel that my hair is dry and the products im

putting in arent giving it enough moisture, its a great - moisturizer and i started

using it when i first started waving (which was a year ago)

Night time:
1. after im done brushing i add some carrot creme, and use king cash's durag method

for the night
i wake up and start my routine again

Brush your hair as much as you can dont slack
Whether you use a soft brush a medium or a hard is all preference to you

People that have straighter hair
its complicated for most of you to get waves, but it all pays out in the end when you

finally do get them.

First atleast post some pics so everyone can see whats going on with your hair, or

send some pics to me and ask me questions ill be glad to help out

When you have straighter hair like this you have to have your hair a lot longer then

most people, dont get a cut thats to low because youll loose the waves you earned
i currently dont know how lot i get a haircut with, but i do know that my barber gets

it right everytime
BUT im guessing that its around a #3

First off you are going to need to wolf for a pretty long period of time to get your

hair long, while your doing this, brush your hair with a soft brush because if your

hair is already straight, why would you want to use a harder brush?

Buy some S curl wave jel activator to assist you to getting waves

Keep us updated with your progress because alot of people here can help you out

You want to keep your hair at a pretty good length

In the shower dont brush your hair until you can clearly see that it can curl up
when that starts happening start brushing your hair with a soft brush

Condition your hair everyday
and you can use some of my method from above to help

its going to be kind of difficult becuase your hair is straight right now
but tough it out and ull get what you put in

If you need any specific questions about straight hair answered pm me ill be more than happy to help you out


Posted By: masterwatermage
Date Posted: January 10 2009 at 12:49am
Check this out!  These are waves from the 1930's and 1950's...  How did these people get waves?? - - -
I don't understand lmao

Posted By: young D
Date Posted: May 01 2010 at 1:30pm
i heard they used a mixture of water and cow urine... then they just brushed

Posted By: Wavyboy102
Date Posted: February 06 2012 at 8:46pm
Hey guys i have straight soft hair and wanted to kno if I can get 360 waves I'm puerto rican and Dominican I kno about the Chrisdog method but can someone else tell me some other things new tips tell me can I get them I'll post pics soon wen u ask HELP

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