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Tell your crazy hair storys!

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Topic: Tell your crazy hair storys!
Posted By: Zahava1980
Subject: Tell your crazy hair storys!
Date Posted: January 10 2009 at 6:01pm

When I was about 10 years old my mom brought home a hot tools curling iron that she got from Sally's. It was the kind with the dial 1-10.....The year was 1990 and we all loved big teased bangs. Remember? Well, being that my hair was soooo straight and wouldn't hold a curl I set the dial to 10....rolled it and held it for almost 1 minute. When I tryed to unroll had melted to the iron and when I pulled it broke off or should I say cinged off into the bathroom sink Shocked My bangs where now about 1 centimeter long...and I had to go to school like that!! I cryed, cryed and cryed some more..Can you imagine?

I have plenty more from where that came from! Your turn!


Posted By: Sunmama23
Date Posted: June 23 2009 at 3:21am
hahahah, Zahava,  oh my goodness.  I've compulsively trimmed my bangs, SO many times....  now I feel somehow relieved by your story!    Well, when I was really young I fell asleep in my parents water bed while I was watching a movie and playing with silly putty.  one peice of it was stuck on my dress when I woke , and the other portion was in the back of hair !!!
My Mom called our neighbors to see what they would do to get it out, of course I just had a hair trim, so what would be the big loss if i just shaved it off?  but thankfully my mom did not resort to that (well not that night, but there is another bad hair story that I do remember all too well!!) and she used vegetable oil slathered it in there and let it sit for a few minutes then combed it out.
and thank goodness.  or today who knows what wretched length my hair would be!

Posted By: lifelovebeauty
Date Posted: July 08 2009 at 10:04pm
Just this past weekend, my husband and I were up in the Adirondacks in NY. We went out on the lake on the wave runner and despite my best efforts having my hair in a french braid (my hair is cut with more of a style to it, and a long side bang, so it doesn't stay back!)... my entire top half of my hair became matted and all knotted together due to the high speeds and fast turns. It took me about 40 minutes in the shower and gobs of conditioner to finally get my hair back to normal!

Life Love Beauty

Posted By: jeaniexo
Date Posted: February 09 2010 at 4:07pm
Whenever I feel like a drastic change, I always chop my usually longer side swept bangs straight across into blunt bangs. And always regret it and can't wait for it to grow out!

This usually happens when I break up with my ex (it happens a lot) so every 3-4 months, I chop my bangs. At least thats something else for me to obsess about instead of men! btw, about to chop it off again! But might get purple streaks instead:)

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